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Updated by Pamela Webster on Nov 30, 2016
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Dog Products I Absolutely Can't Live Without

If I have a dog in the house, I have these favorite products. What would you add?

KONG Classic - Kong

We stuff Honey's meals into the large KONG classic. She's even learned how to drop it on the ground to shake the stuck bits loose.


Dog Treat Pouch (that hooks onto waistband)

Dog Treat Pouch (that hooks onto waistband)

I use stinky and delicious training treats: liverwurst, hotdogs, chopped anchovies. Without a high quality treat bag, my pockets would be disgusting.


A High-Quality Leather Leash

A High-Quality Leather Leash

Softer on the hands than a canvas leash and even stronger. Once your dog has mastered loose-leash walking, you'll just look smashing together.

Easy Walk Harness Product Description - Premier Pet

Finding the Easy Walk Harness that fastens in the front probably saved my life. It was only a matter of time before Shadow pulled me into moving traffic.

Have not bought Premier products since they were acquired by SafePet (they make shock collars). Would love to learn about other front fastening harnesses.

Double Door iCrate, Midwest 1500DD Series iCrates

If you life in a small house, like I do, it's hard to find room for a dog crate. But one that has doors on two sides gives you much more flexibility.

Collaps A Bowl - Kurgo Products

Before getting this collapsable bowl, I used whatever plastic I had hanging around the house. This takes up less room and "sticks" to the floor so it doesn't spill.

Black Exercise Pens- With Walk-Thru Door

More room than a crate but still allows you to keep an eye on a puppy or foster dog. Very flexible and easy to fold up for travel too.

FLUSH DOGGY Dog Poop Bags: Flushable Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Before Flush Doggy, summers were miserable with piles of rotting dog poop in the trash. Now we flush it away. Hooray!

Big Button clicker with wrist band

Easier to click than a box clicker and wrist strap means you can have it handy but keep your hands free when you're not using it.

Extra benefit: it's quieter than a conventional clicker. Especially good for shy dogs.

K-9 Float Coat™ - Performance Life Jacket for Dogs

Honey is my third dog using the same coat. It looks as good as the day we bought it.

TMAX Hoodie Plaid Print | Marks

This sweatshirt is perfect for dog walking on chilly fall, and even winter, days. It has big pockets for keys and poop bags and is a lot warmer than it looks!