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Waterfalls around Bandarawela – Beautiful waterfall you shouldn't miss!

Bandarawela is located in Sri Lanka's hill country, and its high elevation means there are plenty of walking trails and amazing waterfalls to captivate travelers.


Bambarakanda Falls

Sri Lanka's highest waterfall can be found among the lofty mountains of Kalupahana in the Central Highlands - the Bambarakanda Falls has a height of 263m and descends down a near vertical rock face, amid a dense pine forest. To see the falls, travellers need to venture off the main highway, and can opt to walk the trail to the top of the falls, or head to the base, where a natural pool is available to bathe in. Hikers who reach the top can view a smaller waterfall and a large pool which feeds the main falls. The panoramic views of the eastern plains below also offer wonderful photo opportunities. The best time to view the Bambarakanda falls is between March to May, when the water flow is at its heaviest. The dry season takes place between June to September, and from November onward, the heavy rains make it difficult to get close enough to view the falls.


Dunhinda Falls

One of the most enchanting waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Dunhinda falls is located 32km away from the town of Bandarawela. The 63m high waterfall is shrouded by a thin cloud of water vapour created by the powerful cascade which flows down into a large, natural pool. To reach Dunhinda Falls, visitors need to pay a fee at the entrance gate to the foot path (the falls is the first in the country that requires a ticket to view) which leads 1km through the forest, along a muddy path. There are several vendors stationed along the path, selling snacks and beverages to hikers, so you won't need to worry about bringing your own supplies.


Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls is located a short drive away from Bandarawela, in Ella. The falls are a favourite attraction among locals and tourists alike, and are often linked to the famed Indian epic Ramayana as it is named after King Ravana. According to the epic, after the Lankan king Ravana kidnapped Sita, he hid her in caves located behind the falls, and she wandered freely around the area, even bathing in pools at the base of the falls. Ravana falls is one of the widest in the country, and flows down three stages along a rocky slope, amid dense forest. Most hotels in the area, such as Bandarawela hotel offer guided excursions to the falls, with transport to and from the waterfall - making is a must see on your list of places to visit in Bandarawela.


Diyaluma Falls

The second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Diyaluma Falls is located close to Koslanda, about 35km away from Bandarawela. Reaching an incredible 220 meters, the Diyaluma Falls cascades over a plateau, down a cliff face, and plunges to a natural pool below. The falls are magnificent to behold and are best viewed during the rainy season. The falls can be easily viewed from the main road, so unless you want to explore the base, no trekking is required.


Baker's Fall

Located 38km away from Badarawela, in Horton Plains National Park, are the beautiful Baker's Falls. The 22m high falls are known for the terrific noise created by the cascades pounding against the large rock formation at its foot. Despite several warning signs, the massive waterfall, and the 12 m plunge pool below has claimed many lives. There are two trails to the waterfall, which take you near the base, however, it is advised to hire a guide to ensure a safe trip.