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Things to Do in Bentota – Party Central and Southern Gem

Bentota sits along the beautiful south coast of Sri Lanka. The resort town is by far the most popular in the region; home to fab hotels, a vibrant nightlife and beach escapades that are mind-blowing.


Chill on the Beach

Bentota Beach is quite the lure; a beautiful oasis of golden sand that stretches endlessly, this beach is nothing short of spectacular in a rustic manner. Swaying coconut palms offer the lazy beach bum shade, while the glistening Indian Ocean with its warm waters beckons sun-worshiper to jump in for a swim. Like Saman Villas, there are plenty of beach resorts in Bentota that spill out onto secluded and charming stretches of beach, ideal for that early morning walk or invigorating swim. Mind you, at times the ocean here does have strong undercurrents and one must wait for the safety signal to be raised before attempting to swim.


Explore a Turtle Hatchery

Close to most of the boutique hotels in Bentota are turtle hatcheries. Sanctuaries that strive to protect these ancient denizens of the ocean, these hatcheries are perfect for learning all about the turtle's life cycle. The coast of Sri Lanka is frequented by at least four varieties of sea turtles, and most of these species can be seen at the hatcheries; many are rescued or maimed adults who are permanent residents unable to survive in the ocean. The main feature though is the carefully collected eggs which are hatched in ideal conditions; once the baby turtles are ready, night-time release expeditions take place. Tourists are encouraged to join these exciting adventures and learn more about the creatures.



Lunuganga was iconic architect Geoffrey Bawa's country house. This much-talented architect and artist poured heart and soul into the design of these very enchanting gardens. Surrounded by the river the gardens are fairy-tale like enclaves made up of nooks and crannies, resplendent with statues, ponds, pillars and exotic foliage that thrives under the warm tropical sun. An entrance fee is charged while tea on the veranda, overlooking the river, are simple pleasures one can look forward to at the end of the tour. A must for all culture buffs and those who love gardens, Lunuganga is indeed a must visit when in Bentota.


Float along the River

Nothing beats the solitude and sheer charm of Bentota River. Booking a boat tour across the vast expanse of this river is well worth it; you will be treated to sights of exotic animals such as water monitors silently slipping in between the waves; while beautiful birds can be spotted on the trees lining the shores and little islets. Look forward to stumbling upon a crocodile farm where baby crocodiles are waiting to be cuddled by anyone willing to hold them. The best aspect of the river tour is exploring the lush mangrove forests; home to lots of wildlife and utterly beautiful, these verdant havens will surely impress. A boat safari takes about 2 hours.


Indulge in Water Sports

Water sports in Bentota is quite advanced and on par with the latest action across the world. You can enjoy the waters of the Indian Ocean; on a jet ski or opt to sail around the coast. There is kite surfing, paragliding, water skiing and even fun banana boat rides for all to enjoy.

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