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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top 5 Children Theme Parks in Jeddah – Exploring a Little Spoken about City

Jeddah is more famous for its religious importance; hence few know that the city is widely equipped in terms of entertainment. Here we take a look at the best theme parks in the city for kids.


Al-Shallal Theme Park

Quite close to hotels such as Spectrums Residence Jeddah, Al-Shallal Theme Park is widely considered one of the best theme parks in the city. A highlight of the theme park is that it offers activities for both kids and adults. So now, you no longer have to stand on the sidelines while your kids have all the fun! The entire park consists of beautiful gardens, an abundance of restaurants and even a lake in the midst of the compound. Other than that, the Al-Shallal Theme Park has many leisure areas. For kids, some of the activities present include the exhilarating Amazon Wood roller coaster as well as a state of the art bowling hall. Furthermore, your kid can expect to find a theatre and auditoriums among other activities. The entrance fee ranges between SR 25-50.


Atallah Happy Land Theme Park

The biggest theme park in the city, the Atallah Happy Land Theme Park spreads over an area of forty five thousand square meters that includes a mesmerizing view of the ocean. This theme park has plenty of activities for adults thanks to a separate action zone. Special attention is paid to the kids though and the park has a selection of activities for kids between the ages of 3-7. Opened all the way back in 1986, the Atallah Happy Land Theme Park has a goal of becoming the best theme park in the city. The lavish attractions and beautiful atmosphere are signs of the theme park's attempt to reach that goal. Close to most accommodations in Jeddah, the park is home to water boats, roller coasters and a giant wheel to name a few.



Known for its beautiful view of the Red Sea, Chuck-e-Cheese has roughly two hundred and twenty activities in its sixty thousand square meter compound. Diving activities and rides are a highlight while the Toddler Zone is a must visit. Other than the outdoor activities, Chuck-e-Cheese has plenty of indoor activities in the form of ice skating, Camel Races as well as a Carousel Ride. Oh and the Airplane is something that warrants a try! Tickets are priced between SR 30-50.


Stationery Fantasies Water Park

Strictly for kids only, the Stationery Fantasies Water Park is well known for its large number of swimming pools and slides. Adjacent to a plaza, the Stationery Fantasies Water Park is present on Sultan Street. The plaza houses a wide number of shops and restaurants that the parents can lose themselves in as their kids' frolick in the water. If you are worried about leaving your kid around water, rest assured there are educated and competent staff members who keep an eye on the proceedings at all times. If you are still worried, there is an elevated platform from where you can monitor your kid.