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5 Famous Tourist Attractions in Algarve – Highlights of a Magical Region

The region of the Algarve in Portugal is always an interesting area to visit. Here you will find a host of appealing tourist attractions that will appeal to the discerning sightseer, like those below.



The charming city of Faro is the capital of the Algarve and it contains the international airport where many travellers arrive in order to visit this part of Portugal. Faro which has the distinction of being the largest metropolis in the region is renowned for its Old Town which contains a number of sightseeing attractions. This part of the city is encircled by sturdy walls and rests on foundations dating from the Moorish and Roman historical eras of the town. A local landmark is the cathedral which is surrounded by picturesque squares and cobblestone lanes. You will also find an outstanding museum as well as a host of restaurants and cafes that will draw the interest of the visitor.


Vila Real de Santo Antonio

This charming town is located in close proximity to the Spanish border and accordingly you will often hear Spanish spoken here. In fact, the markets and shops of this town seem to be targeted towards Spanish visitors, but you will still find a number of sightseeing attractions here as well. Make sure to check out the 'Arquivo Historico Municipal' which presents an interesting exhibition relating to the former local canned fish industry. Another attraction is the principal square of the town which features a striking obelisk that boasts a sunburst mosaic. You will also have the opportunity to take a ferry ride to the Spanish town known as Ayamonte which contains an array of traditional delicatessens and tapas bars.



The eastern part of the Algarve seems rather barren and thinly populated, but one of its attractions is the picturesque border hamlet of Alcoutim. In fact, the drive that you must undertake to reach this village will be an attraction in itself; make sure to take the road which extends alongside the Guadiana River, a pleasant waterway that creates a border between the nations of Portugal and Spain. The village of Alcoutim resembles a beautiful painting created by a highly skilled artist, a sight that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of the discerning sightseer. In addition to the village's castle, you will also encounter other sightseeing highlights here.



The tasteful leisure seeker is sure to be captivated by the seaside resort town of Vilamoura. This town is also renowned for its golf facilities, with no less than five world-class golf courses being located in its environs. However, this town also boasts other attractions, notably a splendid marina where many handsome water-crafts are berthed. The local esplanade is flanked by classy restaurants and upscale boutiques where well-heeled Portuguese like to spend their time during the holiday season. A choice of accommodation that you may consider from which these attractions would be within easy reach would be The Residences at Victoria Algarve which offers centrally located Algarve apartments.



There is no doubt that the town of Tavira in the eastern part of Algarve is one of the area's prettiest settlements. This picturesque town which spans the Gilao River is also renowned for its cultural legacy, with a past influenced by both the Romans and the Moors. Highlights in this attractive town include the remnants of its castle, its handsome bridge and its selection of charming churches. Visitors to Tavira should take the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll along the beautiful riverfront, where they will encounter features like an appealing market and gardens lined with palms.