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Best LED Grow Lights Reviews


Best LED Grow Lights Reviews

Best LED Grow Lights Reviews

1.UNIFUN LED grow light, LED grow lights 45W,Best LED Grow Lights Reviews

The recently updated UNIFUN LED grow light is what may be lacking in your hydroponic culture or interior garden. The 45W unit is ideal for different plants and is effective in various stages, including sowing, germination, vegetation and flowering. To create the best wavelength, it is based on red and blue chips, as well as on IR and UV rays. It does not have fans but it depends on the highly effective cooling sink. This explains super quiet performance and low power consumption. According to the manufacturer, the LEDs have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.

2.Roleadro LED Panel Grow Light, LED Grow Lights 45W

Growing vegetables and flowers indoors is more feasible with this light LED grown from Roleadro. The unit, although it seems basic, is one of the 10 best LED lamps for growth in 2017. It emits good light thanks to the 117 red LEDs and 52 blue chips. This combination is perfect for photosynthesis and the vegetative stage. It can work for a long time without the performance being submerged and this makes it suitable for many plants. For the best heat dispersion and keep the environment cool, it is based on a thick alloy plate.

3.VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series LED Grow Light, LED Grow Lights 600W

People with a small to medium size garden will benefit from this LED flood light from VIPARSPECTRA. It can cover an area that measures up to 3 x 3 feet and produces light that is almost similar to the natural one. This makes it perfect for different stages, including germination, vegetation and flowering. The light unit is similar to a 600 watt HPS / MH but is more efficient in power consumption. It only consumes 269 watts and never gets too hot. Effective cooling is possible thanks to the high-quality aluminum heat sink and the high-speed fans.

4.Morsen LED Grow Light, LED Grow Lights 2400W

By keeping the seventh position in the top 10 of the best LED growth lights in 2017, the review is the Morsen light. It is effective for indoor hydroponics and gardens and can be installed in minutes. The 2400 watt unit is the most powerful on this list, but also one of the most energy efficient. It only consumes 450 watts and the intensity of light and distribution remain constant at all times. It comes with 10W dual LEDs more effective instead of the usual 3W simple semiconductor. The cooling is provided by the 6 powerful fans that are ultra quiet.

5.ColoFocus LED Grow Light Kit, LED Grow Light 600W

The optimum spectrum is the key to rapid growth. With the Led ColoFocus grow light, you have guaranteed the best light for your indoor plants. The 600 W unit is super bright thanks to the higher 10 W chips instead of the common 3 or 5 W chips. It consumes the low power of approximately 110 watts and this improves productivity and efficiency. IR function is useful to increase cell division, while UV eliminates bacteria and creates a sterile environment. The unit remains relatively cold thanks to the two cooling fans and the aluminum heat sink. It also has protection against overheating to avoid excess heat or overload the Led.