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Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Lights


Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Lights

Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Lights

1.Morsen LED 100W Grow Light - 1000 W Turning Light,Best 1000 Watt Led Grow Lights

The Morsen light is rated at 1000 Watt and is perfect for greenhouses, indoor gardens, water-soluble farming, hydroponics and other related activities. It's easy to install and does not need advanced skills or special tools. Well-fitted accessories are fairly bright but also very energy efficient. The Morsen LED uses a minimum power of 185 watts and evenly illuminates the light. It contains more reliable double 10W chips instead of individual 3W chips and it creates the desired full spectrum. There are silent engines and fans working together with a metal cooler for the best cooling.

2.Wisful LED grow light, 1000 Watt Led Growth Light

Wise LED grow light can be found in many situations. It includes a home garden, a water-soluble greenhouse, farming grounds, culture culture, gas pipeline breeding, and an indoor garden. The 1000 W unit supports different stages, including sowing, sprouting, budding, vegetative and flowering. To create the best wavelength, it relies on 10 W, IR and UV chips to provide high brightness. LED diodes have a life of 50,000 hours and maintain the same brightness over time. The low power unit contains a glass and an aluminum plate that helps heat dissipation.

3,1000 Watt Led Grow Lights, HollandStar LEDs grow light 1000 Watt / 1200W

With this LED growing light from Holland Star, growing crops indoors or in a controlled environment is easier and more convenient. Although it may seem simple, it is considered one of the world's 10 most successful manufacturers of 1,000 watts in 2017. Additional equipment comes in dual voltage to support both 110 and 220V power supplies. It is very bright and has lumens of 7100-7200 lmns. This is suitable for planting, flowering and vegetative phases. Full Spectrum along with UV and IR accelerates growth, while good heat dispersion protects the plants from too much heat.

4.Growstar LED grow light 1000 W, 1000 W turned lights

Just as the name is quoted, Growstar is the star when it comes to growing crops. It can be used in greenhouses, hydroponics, indoor gardens and many other places. It has a rating of 1000 W and is similar to the traditional 1000 W HPS / MH. The only difference is that it is much lighter and also very energy efficient and only uses 400 W. The unit can cover a maximum surface of 5 x 4 feet and boosts faster growth thanks to Full Spectrum with IR and UV. To protect the plants as well as the very high heat unit itself, it has an upgraded aluminum cooler and super silent cooling fans.

5.ColoFocus dual chip LED lights up light, 1000W turning lights

This LED ColoFocus Led light is what you need to keep your plants moving in a closed space. An additional 1000 W reception is one of the brightest and most efficient in the market. Contains 10W semiconductor chips, while most other alternatives relies on 3W or 5W chips. The energy efficient unit uses approximately 110 W, but is much brighter. For better cell division it comes with IR function while UV helps to sterilize the environment and also to eliminate the bacteria. The aluminum cooler works with two cooling fans to remove the heat that is being supplied.