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Updated by Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions on Dec 19, 2017
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20 Amazing Reasons to Swap to LED Lights

Light Emitting Diodes, often referred to as LED lights, offer a vast range of exciting benefits to both your home and your wallet.

At Keith Gunn Electrical Solutions, we have explored the 20 amazing reasons why switching to LED lights could benefit you.



Save You Money

LED lights will save you money in the long-term as they use much less energy than your standard bulb.


They Do Not Flicker

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights are designed to not result in that annoying 'flickering' that you often see.


Heat Resistent

Again, unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights do not heat up, especially after long-use.


Environmentally Friendly

LED lights offer an environmentally friendly approach to saving both your money and mother nature.


Long Life

LED lights are designed to last longer than standard bulbs. In fact, they are designed to last almost 10 TIMES longer than halogen bulbs.



LED lights can be recycled over and over again which again would be more friendly towards the environment!



LED lighting can be dimmed to reduce the intensity of the light. This feature would be perfect to set the mood in romantic situations, or blasted higher in situations where you need a better look.


Reduce the Incidence of Fire Around Christmas (Safer!)

If LED lights are used to decorate Christmas trees, they can reduce the possibility of fire out-breaking due to their heat-resistance element, and therefore act as a safer option.


Reduced 'Warm-Up' Times

LED lights switch on immediately. Unlike traditional bulbs which may require a warm up period, LED lights are able to reach their full intensity almost immediately.



By 2030, it is estimated that LED lights will account for over 75% of all lighting sales!


Compact, Low Maintenance and Break Resistant

LED lights are compact, low maintenance and resistant to breakage which makes them suitable to use in many different applications including traffic lights, vehicle lights, kitchen lighting and so on...


Energy Efficient

LED lights are energy efficient. In comparison to standard light bulbs which operate at a 20% efficiency rate and lost 80% of energy to heat, LED lights operate at 80% and lose only 20% to heat.


Anti-Bacterial Effects

It has been shown that blue LED lights have the ability to keep food fresh due to the anti-bacterial effect they have on food pathogens.



LED lights do not attract those unwanted and annoying beasties and insects that you see flying around traditional lights due to the low UV light that emits from them.


Great for Horticulture

LED lights are fantastic for horticulture. By combining LEDs of different wavelengths, you are given the ability to control the colours that plants need and thus able to control the growth of the plant.


Adds Focus and Mood

LED lights have the ability to add focus and mood to a room that may look dull and bland to enhance its features.


Outdoor Use

LED lights are multi-usable and can be used both inside and outside of your property. Do not worry, LED lights do not rust so water damage is not a worry.


Low Voltage Power

Thanks to LED lighting's low voltage power, there is a reduced chance of fire incidents occurring.


Brighter and More Visible

LED lights offer a much brighter and more visible lighting option that your standard lighting bulbs.



Compared to the humming sound that you hear from a standard bulb, LED lights are silent and do not make any noise when active.

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To switch to your very own LED lighting, get in contact with the lighting experts today and experience these benefits for yourself!