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GIS & CAD Services

GIS & CAD Services by GIS Company in India | AABSYS

AABSyS is a leading outsourcing company offering GIS, CAD and software services to its clients worldwide. It brings together strong financials and skilled resource base to meet a variety of customer needs in geospatial and IT services.

GIS Mapping Services by AABSyS

GIS Mapping services by AABSyS allows visualisation of geographic data with demographic details, analysis of spatial relationships, and efficient data management.

Digital Photogrammetry Services by AABSyS

AABSyS offers high-precision aerial photogrammetry and digital photogrammetry services with accurate and cost-effective data collection for planning and aerial & digital photogrammetry services.

2D or 3D digitization services by AABSyS

AABSyS offers 2D or 3D digitization services for 2d digitizing road, monuments, housing etc. The 2D and 3D digitization services include the heightened use of street maps for reaching from one destination to the other.

3-GIS Services by AABSYS

3-GIS is mainly used for Telecom network maintenance and management. AABSYS has deep domain expertise in FTTx network designing and drafting, AABSyS IT has supported several customers globally on fiber network management using 3-GIS services.

Utility Right of Way Mapping Services - AABYS

AABSyS offers utility right of way mapping services which includes Right of way mapping for telecom wired telecom, Telecom route survey plan in citrix platform, Route survey and fiber cable plan updates,Cable blowing.

FTTX Network Design by AABSYS

AABSyS offers FTTx related services which includes Preliminary network design, FTTx network design and drafting, FTTx network update, Cabinet update, Telecom FTTx network planning, Electrical utility FTTx network design, FTTx / Fiber cable routing.

Technology Services at AABSYS

AABSyS offers technology services and pioneering efforts enable it to specially weave its solutions into customer environments. The company provides technology services that consistently meet or exceed customer’s expectations.

Software Resource Augmentation Services by AABSYS IT

AABSyS IT provides software resource augmentation services for a wide spectrum of GIS technologies including ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk, Intergraph, GeoServer, MapServer and other open source geospatial platforms.

Solar Panel Layout Designs by AABSYS

Solar panels with photovoltaic power systems are designed to convert sunlight directly into electricity. AABSyS IT is well equipped to address the needs of the solar energy industry.

GIS Survey Services by AABSYS

AABSyS IT offers surveys such as Building Surveys, Digital Terrain Models (DTMs), Engineering Surveys,Legal Mapping Surveys, Natural Resources Surveys, Ordnance Survey, Real Estate Surveys, Urban Sprawl Surveys, Utility Mapping Surveys.

Wireless Telecom Construction Drawings by AABSYS

AABSyS has experience in supporting the global telecommunications industry with services like update of wireless telecom construction drawings.

3D cad modeling services - AABSYS

AABSyS can create interior and exterior views of houses or other complexes using a customized 3D CAD modelling technique which can be used during building construction or renovation.

Architectural CAD drafting services - AABSYS

The architectural CAD drafting services play a crucial role in understanding space occupancy, forecast space needs and generating, stacking and blocking diagrams for space planning.

Architectural floor plans by AABSYS

Architectural floor plans are important feature of any building’s sketch. They assist in easy visualization of the interior setup of a residential house, apartment, office, restaurant, and hotel.

Wireless Telecommunication Network service - AABSYS

AABSyS’s GIS for telecommunication services provide clutter data that has been developed for the radio frequency (RF) propagation to help engineers refine their signal loss prediction models according to the characteristics of the underlying terrain and ground cover.

Business geographics by AABSYS

Business geographics can assist in monitoring of the prelaunch and launch of a product by giving insights about market penetration, product reception and sale analysis.

AABSyS’s GIS for water services offer efficient designing, resource management, outage and distribution management, database planning and installations management, line management and monitoring.

O-Calc platform services by AABSYS

O-Calc by AABSYS specializes in pole loading analysis, equipped with user friendly calculation tools, modelling, automatic analysis with sag and tension calculator etc.