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Headline for Top Things to do in Matara Sri Lanka – Discovering the wonders of Sri Lanka's South
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Top Things to do in Matara Sri Lanka – Discovering the wonders of Sri Lanka's South

Located in the southern province of Sri Lanka Matara is a coastal city that offers pristine beaches and plenty more, below is a list of the best things to do here;


Bask in the beaches

Sri Lanka is well known for its breathtaking beaches and Matara is certainly no exception. Golden sands and shimmering blue waters are 2 characteristic traits that every beach goer is sure to love about this place. To top this the weather in Sri Lanka is very beach friendly so whenever you feel like it you can always make a trip to Matara and bask in this city's beautiful coastline. Apart from just relaxing by the beach you can also choose to stay at a Matara Boutique Beach hotel* and enjoy the beach a notch better. If you choose a place like Soul Resorts for instance you can enjoy some good views of the beach throughout the day and catch picture perfect moments like sunrises and sunsets by the sparkling blue. Whether you are visiting Matara with family or not the beach is one place you simply cannot afford to miss out on.


Star Fort

The best part about Matara is that it is blessed with plenty of history, so if you are particularly fond of such age old attractions, the Star Fort is an excellent place to visit. Constructed by the Dutch -in an effort to mend the defects in their neighbouring rampart, this structure came to life way back in the year 1765. To this date both the construction date as well as the VOC insignia remains embossed on the main gate of the fort. In the Star Fort one can really feel the bygone eras that shaped Sri Lanka. To up your dose of history a notch pay a visit to the little museum found inside the fort.


Dutchmans Street

This is another historic attraction in Matara that to this day retains its age old charm. Best part is the Dutchmans Street has now been converted to a popular restaurant precinct where food lovers from all over the world can sample both local as well as international cuisine. Every now and then new restaurants pop up in the street reviving the food appeal of the Dutchmans Street.


Old Dutch Trade Center

As the name has it, the Old Dutch Trade Center was at one time the popular shopping hotspot of the town. It may have lost its appeal in that department, but it certainly is an architectural spectacle which to this day is admired. If you want to experience an authentic age old ambience, pay a visit to the Old Dutch Trade Center.


Weherahena Temple

Discover the spiritual side of Matara in this sacred temple which is located roughly a kilometre inland from the Matara main road. An artistic place of worship, this temple has a large artificial cave that is adorned with a myriad of paintings depicting the life of Lord Buddha.

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