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Kinds of Indian Biriyani You Can Try in Chennai - Tickle Your Taste Buds in Tamil Nadu

Biryani is a South Asian dish made of rice and spices, accompanied by meat or fish, which originated in the Indian subcontinent. There are vegetarian variations of biryani as well.


Malabar Biryani

What makes the Malabar biryani special is the different method of preparation. Unlike most other variants, when preparing the Malabar biryani, the rice and the gravy with the meat are cooked separately. It is only at the time of serving that the rice and the gravy are mixed together. This variation of Biryani originated from Kerala and is usually accompanied by a generous scattering of raisins and cashew nuts when being served.


Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknowi Bi biryani ryani is unique in that it adopts a Persian style of preparation called dum pukht. According to this special preparation method, the meat and the gravy are first partially cooked and then layered and cooked over a slow flame. Unlike most other variations of the dish, the Lucknowi biryani has less spices.


Bombay Biryani

Bombay biryani originated in Maharastra and is like most either variants of the dish. However, one special addition is potatoes. Bombay biryani is prepared in a dum – style i.e. cooked very slowly over a low flame, similar to the Lucknowi biryani. The Bombay biryani always has potatoes in it, whether it is vegetarian biryani or non-vegetarian.


Kolkata Biryani

While most other variations of this dish use a combination of spices, the Kolkata biryani also adds ghee to the spice mix. Spices such as saffron, kewra and nutmeg are also included in this dish. Having originated in Lucknow, this particular dish was introduced to Kolkata by chefs in the city. Because of the addition of ghee, Kolkata biryani can feel a bit oily when consumed and chefs usually serve the dish with potatoes, like the Bombay biryani and a boiled egg.


Dindigul Biryani

One of the best things to do in Chennai India is to try the famous Dindigul biryani which originated in Tamil Nadu. What makes Dindigul biryani special is the use of jeera samba rice in the place of basmati rice which is the more frequently used in other variations of the dish. The jeera samba rice brings a new texture and flavour to the dish. Another special feature of this particular variation is the use of pepper in the spice mix as well as the size of the meat being small and cube sized instead of large.


Ambur Biryani

Another variation that originated in Tamil Nadu is the Ambur biryani. This particular dish can be found in the small town of Ambur where a large number of biryani stalls can be seen on the Chennai – Bengaluru highway. However, those who do not have the time to visit Ambur, can also sample this variation at hotels in Tamil Nadu such as Turyaa Chennai. Ambur biryani comes with different types of meat such as chicken and beef as well as prawn. What makes Ambur biriyani special is that the meat, be it chicken, beef or mutton, prior to being added to the rice, is usually soaked in curd. This dish is generally served with onion raita and brinjal.

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