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Updated by Meagan Hollman on Jan 18, 2013
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6 Things You’ll Need to Pass the NCLEX

100% of the most recent graduating class from Ameritech College’s nursing program passed the NCLEX. You will too. Here’s what you’ll need:

A Brain

Preferably a well equipped one with the answers to the questions you’ve spent what feels like an age of the Earth studying for. Make sure your brain is well fed otherwise it will be cranky and inefficient, which leads us to…


A Healthy Breakfast

A Healthy Breakfast

You got an A in your Ameritech College nutrition class, so you know that your brain, as well as your body, works best when it has been fed. Make sure you get both a complete protein (like eggs or milk) and a complex carb (like whole wheat toast or whole grain cereal).


A Bed

A Bed

Get lots of rest. Don’t worry about studying the night before—you know your stuff. Soft, fluffy pillows are mandatory.

A Tank of Oxygen

Take deep breaths. You can do this.

A Positive Outlook

Repeat this mantra: I will pass the NCLEX. I will pass the NCLEX. You totally got this. And come on, you went to Ameritech College. Remember their NCLEX passing rate? 100%.


The Rocky Theme Song.

The Rocky Theme Song.

This will be playing when you get your test results back. Congratulations, you just passed the NCLEX. You came. You fought. You conquered.