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4 Things to Do and See in Algarve – A Beachside Town with an Abundance of Attractions

While Algarve is more famous for its coastline and beaches, the town has plenty of other attractions to see and do. Whether it is ancient ruins or bars, this list has you covered in every aspect!


Surfing at the Costa Vicentina

Portugal is well known for its ample surfing friendly beaches and this is a prime example of that statement. The untouched Costa Vicentina is an ideal location to visit if you are in the mood for surfing or body boarding. Declared a national park by the government, hardly anyone lives in the park but it is frequented by thousands of would-be surfers every year. Thanks to the national park status, the park shows no influence of humans, and it is difficult to find a family resort in Algarve close by but hey, the beaches are as expansive and wild as they get.


Cerro da Vila

Once under the control of the Roman Empire during the reign of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus, the Cerro da Vila ruins are the best examples of a bygone era. The area has the ruins of a massive villa along with the revolutionary Roman baths, a burial tower and ornamented mosaics. Made of limestone and masonry, the villa follows a distinctive Roman style. A little away are grave sites that date back to the Bronze Age giving a glimpse into civilizations way before the Romans. Don't forget to drop by at the Cerro da Vila Museum where you can view artefacts from the Roman era as well as the Visigoth and Moor civilizations that occupied the area.


Quinta do Francês Vineyard

Portugal and vineyards go hand in hand. While the majority of the vineyards were opened during the British era, Algarve's vineyards feature a style that sets them apart. One of the best of such is the Quinta do Francês Vineyard. A short distance from hotels such as the Tivoli Marina Portimao Algarve Hotel, it is quite small and is run by a family. The business is intentionally kept small while tours are done about 6 times for one day. Here you can take a peek at how wine is made and even visit the cellars. The highlight, however, is the wine tasting session where you can taste the finest wine at the Quinta do Francês Vineyard. The friendly staff help make the atmosphere even more welcoming.


The Albufeira Bar Crawl

This is one of the hotspots for youth from the country and abroad so be sure to drop by to The Albufeira Bar Crawl if you are looking to have the wildest night during your stay. Owned by The Albufeira Rocks, free drinks are often given out while plenty of drinking games are played throughout the night. A night here at The Albufeira Bar Crawl is guaranteed to be memorable, although you might not remember much the next morning! Furthermore, the bar runs a boat party during the weekends which is certainly worth a try, if you are in the mood for such an event.