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6 Must Try Dishes in Algarve – The Guide for a Foodie

Algarve is well known for its beaches and rich culture but little attention is given towards the local food and wine. Here we compile the best dishes that deserve a try during your stay.


Clams and Cockles Cooked In Garlic & Olive Oil

The country borders the sea so it is not much of a surprise that excellent seafood dishes are easily available. One major highlight in Portugal's seafood cuisine is clams and cockles along with garlic and olive oil added to it. Other ingredients used include parsley and lemon juice. Easy to make, you can find this dish in the seafood menu of any hotel or Vilamoura Marina Restaurant such as the likes of Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Algarve Resort.


Frango Piri Piri (chicken Piri Piri)

A form of grilled chicken, you can smell it as you walk down any street. The country's most favourite form of fast food, it is generally served with French fries too. A whole chicken is grilled and served with a hefty amount of rice. The main ingredients used in this dish are olive oil, lemon and wine. A unique ingredient is Piri-Piri, from which part of the name of the dish is derived.


Cataplana De Marisco

If you are someone who absolutely loves seafood, then make it a point to try out the Cataplana De Marisco. A dish that consists of lobsters, clam, squid and a range of other seafood, they are then fried with herb, wine (of course), spice and other types of vegetables. And yes, this dish tastes as good as it sounds. However, it is quite difficult to find, but it is highly recommended that you try your best to get your hands on this dish as it will not disappoint.


Petiscos De Taberna

Most commonly served as a side dish, these are basically small meat sandwiches made of beef, pork, sea food or sausages. They are easily available at most roadside stores in Lagos and the rest of Algarve, so rest assured; it will not be a hassle finding it. Just wander down the many side streets and you are bound to come across a shop or two.



If you're looking for something lighter consider Feijoada, a rich stew made of a variety of ingredients. A meat stew, it generally consists of pork and vegetables like beans while herbs are added to enhance the flavour. This is then slowly cooked in a clay pot for a long period of time. In some places, offal is added to the dish too, but fear not as it tastes pretty good. The end dish is commonly laid down with rice and sausages. Many variations of the dish can be found and it is made in countries as far away as Brazil and India.



The country's mountainous landscape makes it easy to rear sheep and goat. These animals' milk is used to make cheese. This cheese is made into bread called Queijo. The cheese is also used to make a dish called pumpkin jam and both these dishes are favourites locally and on an international scale.