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Updated by Techtiq Solutions on Mar 28, 2018
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Digital Marketing London | UK 2018

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7 Things That Will Dominate Web Development In 2018

The year 2018 is already upon us and as time pauses technology trends change with it. Last year we saw many new innovations that have changed and speeded the development world. Let’s have a look at what promising new trends are coming up in this New Year. Web development companies in London, UK have important updates for the world.

Steps To Improve User Experience Of Website – webdevelopmentdesignuk2018

Blog tells why UX and UI are Important and what factors are important to develop more User freindly Interface.

Why Is Mobile App UX Design Important for Startups?


Website at

CTA Buttons design is most important part in web development & design process. CTA button design should be attention gathering so that user can found it easily and use it. Web designer should always follow the following steps to make CTA button User friendly

Why Websites Need To Be Responsive?

Waking up to a bright phone screen is what modern culture revolves around these days, and the community is constantly getting more and more mobile friendly. People are relying on their Smartphone’s for almost everything

Is WordPress Good For Website development ?

Wordpress Development is an essential requirement for website development. Wordpress make many things easier for the user, it's very easy to learn also you just need have an internet connection

E-commerce Website Design Strategy For Fewer Products

Many e-commerce sellers differ on many grounds like format, design, features, and target markets. Considering all this and the competitive market out there it is very important that e-commerce businesses create online stores that are well-suited to their profile and keep their message to the buyer very clear.

Why ? Developers Always Use PHP Framework !

Better, in light of the fact that a system furnishes you with the conviction that you are building up a Web application that is in full consistency with the business controls, that is organized, and that is both viable and upgradable.

Why Website Design is Important for Business?

Web development and design have the very important role in the growth of any business basically it's a face your Industry, companies, and agency globally.

Ways! To Start Career In Web Development.

Web Development and Design field is the fastly growing field in the UK as well as around the globe. Every year it produces lots of job vacancy but people don't know what this job profile ask for?.

Web Development And Design UK 2018

E-commerce business is going to be the future market of the world, Everyone gonna order its requirement by sitting at home, the whole process of choosing, bargaining, etc gonna be done online invest little about of time and know more about this business

Web Design And Development Technologies : Web Development Is Cheaper Then SEO

Web Development is One time Process with regular maintenance services where as SEO is long process and it also show result after some time

Enterprise and Web Development are a Perfect Combination

Trying to manage all this on papers is a long and tedious process and we can’t even account for most mistakes that could harm the business inside and out. This is where Enterprise management systems come in.

Tips to Boost Your Website SEO In One Day

SEO has many techniques and everyone has its unique techniques or tactics, but some features can help you to grow to SEO result in one day

Will ? CI developer’s Dominate Web Development in 2018

Code Igniter developer is the most favorite developer among all, they basically know the simple and effective way of coding. They are mostly preferred over PHP developer for web development

Why Hire Magento Developer On Hourly Basis?

Being an open source licensing type, it can be downloaded by any developer. It requires developer implementation and, as such, offers flexibility, complete customization and the ability to scale the software as your business grows. Magento Developers in London are Creating great e-commerce platforms for their clients.

White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO

Lots of marketers are confused between black & white hat SEO nowadays.Why to use white hats and which techniques to avoid in black hat SEO

Why Mobile App Development is important for a business?

Big businesses can benefit from mobile app but the trend is now changing as people realize that this is the digital age and small and medium-sized businesses can also create a Global channel for their business

Magento Cloud have Innovative Features! Do You Know? - Techtiq

Magento store improvement inside this limited capacity to focus time. 2017 conveyed noteworthy updates to the stage as it concocted some creative highlights that spell new conceivable outcomes for the entrepreneurs

4 Things Every Developer's are Fed-up to hear from Non - Developer Co-Workers (Memes) - Web Design And Development Te...

Here are some more things developers Fed-up of hearing from their non-developer co-workers

What is The Internet of Thing ? ~ Web Development And Design UK 2018

Find Out What is the internet of things and why should care about it.Learn How Can you Make Your Environment IoT Driven.

How Valentine Gaining Profits For E-Commerce Business - Web Design And Development Technologies

Using Valentine as a marketing stunt most of the E-commerce companies gaining Profits,know how

How To Choose Best Laravel Developer

Laravel developer uk has taken the web world by storm. Laravel makes an already dynamic PHP language becomes powerful and simpler. Laravel has brought a lot of advancements to the PHP community.

How to learn WordPress development as a beginner?

Wordpress IS THE WORLD no. 1 CMS (Content management system) and being number one means everybody wants to learn it, master it and make money from it.

Impact of Design ON Appearance & Sales

Web design has become the most important aspect of any internet marketing strategy. From SEO and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design affects your entire internet presence.