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Health Tips From Palak Notes

Find health tips and advice covering natural resources to upgrade your lifestyle.

7 Quick Home Remedies for Cold And Flu: Say NO to Antibiotics!

If you think antibiotics can cure your cold and flu fast, then you might read this guide to know 7 quick remedies you will find at your home. These home remedies are best to cure cold and fly.

3 Best and Worst Sweeteners For Diabetes And Weight Loss

More and more sugar leads to diabetes and gaining fat. So if you want to take care of diabetes or you are trying to shed weight you must aware of best and worst sweeteners which for diabetes and weight loss. In this post, I an sharing best and worst sweeteners you should know.

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Recognise the Signs of Electrolyte Imbalance, Learn How to Solve

Do you know what are electrolytes? What is its role in our body? Electrolyte imbalance can cause serious consequences. So here is a guide which answers all your questions and why it's important for you to know.

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In our daily life, we face many small to big health issues on basis of our routine and diet. If you want to keep your body healthy, I have the best nutrition, permanent weight loss tips and ancient health methods to improve your health naturally.

Know more about symptoms of dangerous diseases and how to reverse them. If you are health conscious then you are at right place. Follow my advice and stay healthy.

Most Easiest Way To Make Bones Stronger: Olympic Athletes Technique

Bone density is one of biggest concern for people getting older. So you need right steps to take after 30 to make your bones stronger.

This guide will help you to explore easiest ways to make your bones stronger.

5 Easy Steps to Cure Diabetes Naturally and Permanently

Diabetes is the cause of many diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, and premature death. In this post, you will learn the science behind reversing diabetes. Know about high fiber food and exercises for diabetes to reverse it.

7 Early Symptoms of Liver Problems and Its Management

If your liver is not functioning correctly it can affect functions of your whole body. know what are the functions of your liver? What are symptoms to detect liver problems? and how you can manage your liver healthy?

7 Early Symptoms of Liver Problems and Its Management - Download - 4shared - palak notes

Do you know liver is second largest part of your body? Explore these symptoms which will help to detect liver problems early.

Best Diet to Reverse Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Naturally

A fatty liver disease is due to build up of unhealthy fat in your liver and it can be reversed if it does not past stage 1. Go through this guide to know

Precautions you have to take to avoid or reverse it.
Best exercises for a healthy liver
Diet plan and supplements for Fatty liver disease

DIY Homemade Cleaners To Keep Your Hands Soft

This one is especially for housewives taking care of their home. Your hands and skin are heavily damaged by the chemicals present inside the cleaners you use. So here is a DIY recipe to make homemade cleaners which will not affect your skin.

Liquid Castile Soap Create At Home Chemical Free

The cleaners you are using in your home for cleaning purpose may contain harmful toxins. Its affordable and you can make castile soap at home. If you want to make castile soap at home read the full recipe

Homemade Kitchen Cleaning Products

Kitchen plays an important role in the health of family members. So moms if you want to keep diseases away first say goodbye to chemical toxins from your kitchen. I am sharing a recipe to make kitchen cleaning products at home.

Treatment for Ringing in Ear

Do you hear clicking or buzzing sound in your ear then you may have Tinnitus symptoms? If you want to know what is Tinnitus and how to treat it?

7 Pure Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal silver is used in ancient time to save food from spoiling. Colloidal silver also has many other health benefits which include preventing infection and purification of blood. So if you want to know what is colloidal silver and how it benefits your health, you must read this full guide.

For More Information Read Full Article 7 Pure Colloidal Silver Uses

How to Naturally Cure Chronic Dry Eyes Permanently

Do you know what is chronic dry eyes? What are symptoms of chronic dry eyes? Who got affected by this diseases? How to cure this disease permanently with natural ways? Find all your answers in this guide.

Is your eyes or mouth get dry? You must read this

Eye drops are a temporary relief to get rid of dry eyes. The reason behind dry eyes is Sjogren's syndrome. This syndrome attack lubrication system of the body. So if anyone in your known or in the family is suffering from this syndrome then read this post to find the permanent cure to dry eyes.

Symptoms, Causes of Gallbladder Problems and Post Gallbladder Surgery Diet

What function does gallbladder perform in your body? What are causes of problems in the gallbladder? How can you avoid these problems? Find all necessary information in this article.

7 Signs of Gallstone and How To Dissolve Gallstones Naturally

Gallstones are referred to little stones in Gallbladder. There are two types of gallstones. If you want to know more about gallstones and how to get rid of gallstones naturally then read this article

Reasons For Excessive Farting and Home Remedies for Flatulence

Excessive farting can be embarrassing if it happens in public so if you have problem of excessive farting or flatulence then you must read this post

This post will help you to understand what are reasons of excessive farting and home remedies for flatulence.

I have also included an infographic for reasons for excessive farting.

Acidity के घरेलू इलाज | Home Remedies for Acidity in Hindi

Acidity is one of common issues easily found in people above age of 30. So if you or anyone in your family has gas trouble or acidity issues then here are best home remedies that works 100%. Using these remedies you can cure acidity in natural way.

This video covers

What is acidity?
What are symptoms of acidity?
How to cure acidity using home remedies?

Buy Infrared Sauna | Best Portable Infrared Sauna in India

Looking for alternative to traditional Sauna, then you must know about infrared sauna. Infrared sauna provides same benefits like detoxification, lowering blood pressure and relaxation to your body.

If you are thinking to buy infrared sauna in India then you must first read the features of infrared sauna. To buy infrared sauna fill the form at PalakNotes.