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Updated by kiran Gutha on Jan 11, 2019
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Top 5 Technology Trends For Future

Top 5 Technology Trends For Future - With the advancements in the fields like AI, IoT, etc., you need to be in close touch with the top technology trends for 2018.




Technology is rapidly changing the way we work at the office and our lives at home. In the last 10 years, the rate of this technology change has skyrocketed, and we need to increase the pace to make intelligent decisions to grab that technology changes. With the advancements in the fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), internet of Things (IoT), etc., we need to be in close touch with these disruptions that have high potential.


1 # Deep Learning or Machine Learning

Deep learning (Machine Learning) more specifically DL are already on the cusp of revolution. They are widely adopted in data centers (Amazon making graphical processing units [GPUs] available for DL, Google running DL on tensor processing units [TPUs], Microsoft using field programmable gate arrays [FPGAs], etc.), and DL is being explored at the edge of the network to reduce the amount of data propagated back to datacenters. Applications such as image, video, and audio recognition are already being deployed for a variety of verticals. DL heavily depends on accelerators and is used for a variety of assistive functions.


2 # Digital Currencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and newcomers Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple have become commonly traded currencies. They will continue to become a more widely adopted means of trading. This will trigger improved cybersecurity because the stakes will be ever higher as their values rise. In addition, digital currencies will continue to enable and be enabled by other technologies, such as storage, cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and more.


3 # Blockchain

The use of Bitcoin and the revitalization of peer-to-peer computing have been essential for the adoption of blockchain technology in a broader sense. We predict increased expansion of companies delivering blockchain products and even IT heavyweights entering the market and consolidating the products.


4 # Robotics

Even though robotics research has been performed for many decades, robotics adoption has not flourished. However, the past few years have seen increased market availability of technology robotic
process automation
, consumer robots, as well as more sophisticated military and industrial robots. We predict that this will trigger wider adoption of robotics in the medical space for caregiving and other healthcare uses. Combined with Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics will further advance in 2018.


5 # Cybersecurity and AI

Cybersecurity is becoming essential to everyday life and business, yet it is increasingly hard to manage. Exploits have become extremely sophisticated and it is hard for IT to keep up. Pure automation no longer suffices and AI is required to enhance data analytics and automated scripts. It is expected that humans will still be in the loop of taking actions; hence, the relationship to ethics. But AI itself is not immune to cyberattacks. We will need to make AI/DL techniques more robust in the presence of adversarial traffic in any application area.