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Nivea Men

NIVEA MEN, the world's no. 1 men's skincare brand, is one of the first brands to be engineered especially for men. NIVEA MEN understands the specifics of men's skin by offering a range of technologically advanced skincare with effective nature-inspired and skin-friendly ingredients to help men look and feel they are very best. NIVEA MEN’s complete grooming range gives men a daily boost of confidence that helps them unlock everyday potential.


NIVEA MEN Dark Spot Reduction Moisturiser, with its ultra-light texture, contains Whitanat Vita Complex Plus – a whitening vitamin complex with 10 nutrients, including Whitanat, that is proven to whiten dull and damaged skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots 10 times better than Vitamin C*. The effective, fast-absorbing formula also contains SPF30 to protect the skin from the reappearance of dark spots & is specially designed for men’s skin.

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


NIVEA MEN Active Care, Lip Care that provides long-lasting moisture* and shine free care* for your lips.

Whether you’re at the workplace, a social get-together, or spending time with loved ones, here’s a simple solution to get soft and smooth lips*.

NIVEA MEN Active Care is a lip moisturizer that ensures long-lasting protection and care, without any tell-tale signs of a regular product. A Lip Care product specifically designed for men for intensive moisturisation and protection without any shine or colour.

Talk with confidence, smile without care, as it keeps your lips soft and healthy, and yet seems like you’ve applied nothing at all. A little something for men who care.


NIVEA MEN Dark Spot Reduction Face Wash reduces the appearance of dark spots and makes skin look healthy and feel fresh. The effective 10x* formula, suitable for All Skin Types, is now even better with Whitanat Vita Complex Plus that contains 10 nutrients.


NIVEA MEN Oil Control Face Wash, for oily skin, deeply cleanses skin and controls oiliness up to 12h. The effective formula repairs damaged, dull skin 10 times* better with Whitanat Vita Complex which contains 10 ingredients:

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Pro Vitamin B5
Ginko Leaves Extract
Ginseng Root Extract
Magnolia Bark Extract
Glyceryl Glucoside
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

*in vitro test for Whitanat vs. Vitamin C


NIVEA MEN All-in-1 Face Wash. Reduces dark spots, acne and excessive oiliness with regular wash. A multi-benefit face wash that solves ALL problems on your face without any hassle.

10 skin nutrients formula with Whitanat Vita Complex Plus* for smooth, refreshed and radiant skin

Cooling mud*** formula cleanses and removes excess oils and impurities deeply in pores
Deep clean action reduces and prevents blackheads and whiteheads
Provides long lasting oil control e ect
Prevents and reduces acne
Reduces acne causing bacteria
Unclogs & refines pores
Reduces dark spots due to dirt and brightens skin
Prevents skin to become dull
Smoothens and softens the skin
Refreshing and cool feeling on the skin

  • in vitro test for Whitanat vs. Vitamin C. ***Contains natural charcoal.
Nivea Men - Dark Spot Reduction Creme

Reduce dark spots with this extra light, non-greasy and fast absorbing creme.

NIVEA MEN Creme 30ml

NIVEA® MEN CREME cares for your skin by giving it a boost of hydration and preventing it from drying. The light formula is non-greasy, non-sticky and absorbs quickly. Especially developed for men, it is suitable for face, body, hands – anywhere your skin needs it.

NIVEA MEN | Best Range Of Skin Care Products For Men

Enter the world of NIVEA MEN to explore the full range of skin care products for men. Your one-stop shop for men’s grooming. NIVEA MEN – It starts with you!


Nivea Men

Nivea Men

Browse all of NIVEA MEN’S products from head to toe which includes Deodorants, Body Spray, Facewash and Shower Gel products.


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Best Men's Skin Care Products

Best Men's Skin Care Products

NIVEA MEN’s complete grooming range gives men a daily boost of confidence that helps them unlock everyday potential.

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Browse all of** NIVEA MEN’S** products from head to toe which includes Deodorants, Body Spray, Facewash and Shower Gel products.

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NIVEA MEN offers a wide range of best body wash and shower gels for men that freshen up your body to keep you vitalized all day-long.

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Browse the full range of roll ons and deodorants for men by NIVEA MEN that provide long lasting freshness and 48hr protection against sweat and body odour.

Shaving Products | Shaving Creams, Foams, After Shave Lotions & more - NIVEA MEN

Nivea offers a complete range of moisturising shaving products which gives closer, smoother shave without the friction and relieve dry and tight skin for a relaxed and cared skin feeling.

Face Care Products for Men | Face Cream, Facewash & more - NIVEA MEN

NIVEA MEN Face wash and moisturiser effectively reduces oiliness and dark spots with Whitanat Vita Complex Plus that contains 10 nutrients which makes skin look healthier and feel fresher.

Grooming Tips For Men | The Complete Guide - NIVEA MEN

Check out the men's grooming guide by NIVEA MEN. Learn the lesser-known grooming tips for men to make your morning grooming routine more productive!

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For those men who have resigned themselves to razor burn, nicks and cuts, here’s a How-to guide to the perfect shave. And considering the average man shaves almost 20,000 times in his lifetime, it’s probably worth making sure it’s done properly.

DIY Code

Turn back the pages of history and you will realize that men have always required help, be it for cooking their food or washing their clothes. However, the world today is different.
Men are expected to be as resourceful at home as they are at work. So, how do you deal with the pressure?
The answer is simple. The answer is to DO IT YOURSELF. But where do you start?
It starts with you. It starts right here. It starts with the DIY Code.
Simple life tips that help you tackle daily challenges. Be it grooming, vrooming, cooking or even brooming, the answers you need to ease your daily load lies in these codes.


NIVEA MEN DARK SPOT REDUCTION CREME is the perfect tool for men to fight their #1 problem on the face i.e. dark spots. It delivers superior care that feels good on men’s skin, so they feel good in their skin. Because men who feel good in their skin have the confidence to unlock their everyday potential.

Oil Control All in one Face Wash Pump

NIVEA MEN ALL-IN-1 Face Wash, now in a convenient and reclosable Pump Pack. The first male face wash in India in a pump pack.


NIVEA MEN Dark Spot Reduction Face Scrub. It is a mild face scrub that reduces dark spots in just 14 days of use. It feels like a face wash and works like a face scrub.
What do you get?

Reduces dark spots accumulated from dirt and residues
Cleanses deeply for brighter skin
Removes dead skin cells and brightens skin
Removes dirt and excess oil.
Also available in sachet packs.


Which is the best way to store your leftover pizza? How do you deal with a smelly closet during the monsoons? It’s time you start figuring it out. Be the man of the house with these set of codes, which will help you with your daily household needs.