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Gorgeous office chairs to up your desk game

Not all chairs are created equal - especially when you're spending upwards of eight hours in them, five days a week. Here's a few of our favourite new traditional - and non-traditional - office chairs. Be sure to vote for your favourite, and add your own!

Klober's climate controlled task chair

It’s hard to keep everyone happy when it comes to the office temperature. But this seat we came across at Orgatec might just be the solution. German manufacturer Klöber's Mera Klimastuhl is a desk chair with integrated heating and air conditioning. The customizable chair has a 16-hour rechargeable battery that runs the heating and ventilation through the back and seat.

Vitra's automatically-adjusting chair

Here's another find from our Orgatec furniture report: the AM Chair by Vitra. The streamlined chair automatically responds to movement, which means you never have to fiddle with a bunch of knobs and buttons to find the right height or tilt.

Actiu's chair designed specifically for Millennials

Designed especially for Millennials' new ways of working, the Efit chair by Actiu comes in bold hues and smooth lines. Here's what the manufacturer has to say: "This is a chair which has been inspired by the versatility and customisation of young people in the world of work: those who seek design, comfort and ergonomics but with a bold character and a distinctive aesthetic."

Kinema's sit/stand chair

For those that don't want to choose between sitting and standing, we present Kinema's Active Chair, which offers settings for traditional, elevated, and standing sitting. “There is no one ideal posture for desk jockeys,” says Kinema. “But there is a healthy solution – a well-balanced combination of standing and sitting, a so-called Stand-Sit-Support-Dynamic.“

Itoki's "hyper-adjustable" chair

Here's a seat we included in our round-up of healthy sitting: At first glance, Flip Flap looks like a fairly traditional office chair (albeit a gorgeously designed one). But it is actually specially designed to support – and encourage – virtually any kind of movement an office worker might want to engage in while at their desk. The design, inspired by origami, has a lot of moving components, including side lumbar support cushions and a recline of up to 135 degrees – meaning you can take the chair to a near-horizontal position for a little mid-day “healthy sitting nap” (yes, we just coined a phrase).

Knoll's seat for standers

Our round-up of healthy sitting also included Knoll's HiLo perch: “a seat that keeps you on your feet,” says the manufacturer. Essentially a portable adjustable bar stool in composite rubber and steel (with an aesthetic that looks like a cross between a pogo stick and a modern shovel), HiLo is meant to give fatigued workers a seat for standing desks, stand-up meetings, watercooler chats, et cetera.

Herman Miller's "3D Intelligent" seat

This one is half art piece, half chair: Yves Behar's Sayl chair for Herman Miller, now available in task, stool and other versions, was inspired by suspension bridges: "The notion of using a suspension tower to support an unframed suspension back meant that the elastomer material could be stretched in a way that provides the greatest tension at points where support is needed and the least in areas that would allow for the most expansive range of motion."