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10 Exciting Water Sports In Maldives For Your Adrenaline Fix – Pack your bags and get ready for fun!

Apart from the natural beauty of the country, Sri Lanka is famous for its delicious local cuisine. Here are some of the foods you must try out.



Snorkelling is the ideal water sport for the ones who like to glide through the waters checking out the amazing marine life beneath the surface of the sea. It requires minimal equipment and is suitable for beginners, as no hard practice is needed. The warm and clear waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding the Maldivian atolls is rich in marine life that you do not want to miss.


Scuba Diving

A little more exciting and adventurous than snorkelling, scuba diving takes you side by side with sharks, whales, and other charming sea creatures. Maldives has plenty of dive sites with vibrant and colourful coral reefs associated with shawls of beautiful fish.


Jet Skiing

Have you ever experienced riding a motorbike in water? If not, make it a point to try out jet skiing on your next holiday in Maldives. This amazing water ride full of speed is enough to leave your heart beating with excitement for a few hours. The speedy watercraft is usually designed for one or two riders.



Get yourself a nice parasail wing and tie it up onto a boat to enjoy the view of the sea and the cold breeze in your hair while flying up in the sky. You do not need to control the parasail as the boat carries it, so just hang on there and glide with the wind.


Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a more technical and adventurous water sport that requires the skill to ride the waves and control the airflow at the same time. Unlike in parasailing, the kite surfer has full control over the direction. It is better to take at least a few lessons from a personal trainer before you go out there on your own.



It is quite comforting and self-assuring to paddle your own kayak in the middle of the endless blue ocean. The kayak meaning the 'hunter's boat' was originally invented for catching fish from the water's edge. Now it has become a famous water sport and recreational activity.


Catamaran sailing

A catamaran sailboat is made by joining two hulls with two aluminium bolts. Sailing a small catamaran is a high speed and thrilling activity, but is safer with a certain amount of practice.



Dinghies are glass bottomed large vessels that can carry you over the ocean's surface with a great view of the marine life beneath it. When you see the beautiful fish passing through the corals and plants over the seabed you will actually forget for a moment that you are a creature of the land.


Banana boat rides

Riding on these banana-shaped inflatable boats is so much fun if not exciting. You can find different sized banana boats, which can accommodate three to ten riders.


Big Game Fishing

The country's second largest industry being fishing; Maldives is a great place to experience fishing techniques in the Indian Ocean. Also with abundant large aquatic species like Tuna, Marlin, and Sailfish, it is also well known for big game fishing, usually in the months through November to March. Plan your holidays to Maldives with the help of listed down experts such as Vacation Maldives to get the best out of your trip.