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Headline for Top Things to Do in Mombasa, Kenya – From Scenic Beaches to Giant Elephant Tusks
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Top Things to Do in Mombasa, Kenya – From Scenic Beaches to Giant Elephant Tusks

Mombasa is one of the biggest cities in Africa, and is a renowned tourist destination. It is also an important economic hub since it boasts Kenya’s only port, which is Kilindini Harbour.


Take a Trip to the Beach

One of the most beautiful aspects of Mombasa is the beach, and it could be a crime to visit this beautiful tropical landscape without experiencing her glorious coastlines. There are several beaches that are perfect venues to indulge in some swimming, walking or even sun-bathing. The three best choices are the Bamburi, Nyali and Diani beaches.


Visit Fort Jesus

This is one of the most renowned landmarks in Kenya, and was designed by renowned Italian architect Giovanni Batista Cairati. It was constructed sometime during the 1590s under the behest of King Philip I of Portugal with the purpose of guarding the Old Port of Mombasa. The fort is widely considered as a testament to the first attempt to establish control over Indian Ocean Trade by a Western power. Despite the fort showcasing architecture and design influenced by the Renaissance, the construction of the fort was carried out by the local Swahili people. The fort was designed to resemble a man, and this is particularly obvious if viewed from the above. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011.


Travel Around Old Town

The region’s colonial history make this a truly spectacular place to visit. The old town is filled with architecture that was built by the Portuguese and it is an incredibly bizarre yet captivating experience to explore European-style buildings in Africa. After the departure of the Portuguese, many other cultures arrived to Mombasa of Arab, Asian and European origin respectively. You will discover many wondrous buildings showcasing their various styles of architecture as well. If your trip to Mombasa is being organised by entities such as, one of the many travel agents Sri Lanka who offer cheap flight tickets, be sure to inquire about a visit to the old town.


Haller Park

Africa is legendary for her natural wonder, and this is the best place that Mombasa has to offer, where you can explore this aspect of the iconic continent. There’s a smorgasbord of exhibits featured within the park, covering everything from giraffes to birds. One of the most remarkable aspects of the park was the friendship between a hippopotamus and a tortoise that became a global phenomenon. The hippo in question, Owen, was separated from his herd as a result of the December 2004 Tsunami, and when brought to the park, ended up befriending the giant tortoise, Mzee, since their large shell resembled an adult hippo.


Gaze Upon the Iconic Elephant Tusks

One of the most iconic attributes of Mombasa are her colossal elephant tusks which are featured on Moi Avenue. These tusks were built in order to commemorate the visit of Princess Margaret in 1956. These intersecting aluminium tusks were placed in a way so they form the letter ‘M’ as a nod to the city’s name.