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Best of the Best Medical Lectures

Most of the content of this site is housed in the "Best Lectures By Topic" section, which holds the best lectures for that given body system. Some lectures, however, are just SO good that they need to recognized as the "Best of the Best"...

Dr. Reuben Strayer - Emergency Thinking

"Dr. Reuben Strayer gives an engaging lecture on thinking like an Emergency Physician."

One of my favorite videos about the mindset to have in emergency medicine when approaching the sick patient. No specific medical topic learning here, but excellent framework to learn for people new to emergency medicine.

Grand Rounds - Electrolyte Emergencies in 5 Steps or Less | Pediatrics at Vanderbilt

HTML5 direct link Electrolyte Emergencies in 5 Steps or Less Corey Slovis, MDChairman of Emergency MedicineProfessor of Emergency Medicine and MedicineMedical Director, Metro Nashville Fire Department...

This is considered one of the "Hall of fame" lectures. Corey Slovis is one of the forefathers who came up with the ED approach to electrolytes that we are now all taught in school and residency. This is a must watch lecture!

July 2003 - Chest and Abdominal Trauma Imaging - Billy Mallon - Episode 22 | EM:RAP

Great lecture on imaging / workup in the blunt trauma patient. A very nice overview for new learners, and very entertaining all the while!

The Crashing Patient

Another Corey Slovis classic! He goes through the most common crashing situations and gives an excellent overview... critical asthmatic, anaphylaxis (and how to use the "dirty epi drip" for anaphylactic shock, crashing PSVT, ACLS, etc. Excellent talk!