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Trauma in Society

In Kashmir, a father's fight against forgetfulness

Seven years after the death of his only son, Mohammad Ashraf Mattoo is still struggling to find justice in Srinagar.

Germany admits failings one year after Berlin Christmas market attack

Angela Merkel vows to improve support for families after government was accused of failing to support victims of terrorist attack

'Justice eludes victims' as Yugoslavia tribunal ends

The woman interviewed thinks that "visiting the house" where atrocities agains her happened, would heal the trauma. This could not be farer from the truth.

The video mentions that Millions have been spent to bring justice - but victims face a life-sentence of trauma. The latter is true since so few resources are spent on effective therapy for the victims and strategies to avoid constant retraumatization.

Justice is a cornerstone for reconciliation - but not enough.

Sleepless in Yemen amid the sound of Saudi fighter jets

Two Yemenis rearrange their lives around Saudi air strikes on Sanaa.

In case I die: Why Afghans keep notes in their pockets

After the Kabul attack, Afghans tell Al Jazeera how they keep written notes with important information on their person.

Partition: Borders of Blood

Seventy years after the partition of India, we examine the troubled legacy of the event that shaped the subcontinent.

Why the Refugee Crisis Is Just the Beginning

Post-traumatic stress disorder is rampant among the 1.2 million–plus refugees landing in Europe, which is ill equipped to treat them. The unfolding crisis could last generations.

Civilian cost of Iraq takeover of last ISIL-held towns

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says his military has retaken Hawija from ISIL. It is the main town in one of the last two Iraqi enclaves still partly ...

The 'catastrophic’ plight of Iraq's orphans

More than five million children in Iraq have lost one or both parents as a result of years of continued violence. As orphans often lack access to medical car...

Why Ebola survivors are suing Sierra Leone | Ebola | Al Jazeera

The government cannot account for $14 million allocated to help survivors rebuild their lives.