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5 Things You Need to Research Before Moving to the UK

Moving anywhere around the world is a big commitment, moving to the UK could even be seen as a bigger one due to BREXIT. Before making one of the biggest commitments of your life here are 5 things you need to know whilst planning your trip to the UK


Currency and Funds

Currency and Funds

When travelling to any country you should consider the currency value compared to your current home. The U.K. is known to be an expensive place to live and the cost of luxury items can also come at great expense, considering your budget for living monthly should a priority before making the commitment. Keeping an eye out for the exchange rates and when best to convert may also say you some money.


UK Work Visa

UK Work Visa

UK work visas are broken up into a tier system, for those coming to the UK to work, a tier 2 visa will be required to work in the UK. Applicants that will apply for a tier 2 visa include; workers sponsored by a UK business, workers that have been transferred to the UK, religious ministers and athletes. To receive this visa, you must prove you are an integral part of the business and have reason to move to the UK. Reading about the other tiers might help your research and knowing the best option for yourself.


British Naturalisation

British Naturalisation

The process of becoming a British citizen and being able to stay in the country long term. Although you may be unsure if you want to commit to the UK for the long-term, considering British naturalisation can’t hurt. Knowing the process and requirements will help you lay the foundation in case you decide on the commitment in future. You can learn about requirements such as, being fluent in the language, criminal records and the amount of time you need to live in the UK before you are allowed to apply.



Crucial when moving to any country, the law changes everywhere you travel to in the world and the UK is no exception. Researching speed limits, medicines/drugs and other general laws will help with your understanding of the land you’re committing to. It will avoid you getting into trouble which could have been avoided as well as avoiding extra expenses.



Not as important as the law but knowing the general etiquette in the UK is always beneficial, it’ll help you make friends and avoid people disliking you in work for example. Knowing how the public reacts to certain responses and gestures is a good trait to get you started in a new country. If you have a city in mind their accent and slang may be different and knowing some of the basics might help you in day-to-day life.