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Updated by Nathalie Martin on Jun 01, 2018
Headline for Five Fabulous Ways To Dress Your Home and Make It a Cosy Paradise This Winter!
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Five Fabulous Ways To Dress Your Home and Make It a Cosy Paradise This Winter!

Winter is back at it again, with bitterly cold winds and wet weather it just makes me want to wrap up and stay in! This chilly weather just means that it is officially the time to embrace not just all things Christmassy, but cosy and cute too. I’m talking decorating the house with fluffy cushions, statement rugs and festively appropriate décor! Check out my list of trendy interior Winter ideas for this coming season!

Create Cosy Yet Glamorous Monochrome Interior Themes

Monochrome interiors have always been popular with silver, grey and black tones creating chic and classic interiors. Now stylists are mixing it up through adding glamorous accent of brass, gold and marble to switch up this conventional theme. This look is also popular for home staging as the set up reflects popular trends and can instantly add value to any home when looking to sell during the Christmas season. The introduction of different textures and layers enable an otherwise minimal and bland interior some depth and warmth.

Bring in a Warm Glow with Soft Inviting Lights

This time of year, we all know that days become shorter, darker and colder. Indoor lights become even more essential, however essential items don’t have to serve a single purpose! Not only can you have a light to show you the way, but it can double up as a centre-piece too.

Depending on the style you want your interiors to be rocking, there are so many beautiful lights like epic chandeliers or industrial inspired fixings that will let warm light flow in and keep the dark outside! It is also Christmas time so why not spruce your home up with some decorative fairy lights? These are super cute and create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings.

When It's Too Cold For Gardening Bring The Outside In

Many plants look sad in the winter whilst they hibernate until are more bearable temperatures come around. This doesn’t mean you should have a plant-less household! Indoors plants are a fab way to freshen up inside air as plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which will also get rid of nasty toxins in your home. Opt for some low maintenance indoor plants that will breathe life into your home this winter. My indoor favourite is the aloe plant which is not only super easy to look after but the gel from the leaves will do wonders for your skin!

Boost Your Mood and Make Your Guests Smile With Motivational Prints

I don’t know about you, but during these colder months… My motivational levels plummet. So, why not boost these levels with some eye catching inspiring wall art? Adding wall accents don’t have to break the bank either, Etsy has some fantastic and original calligraphy poster ideas incorporating quotes from your favourite movies and authors that should help you get up and go!

Snuggle Up With Super Soft and Fluffy...Accessories

When outside is dull and bleak, breathe life and warmth into your interiors through the addition of some chic homeware accessories. Fluffy cushions and throws are perfect for getting comfy on the sofa with during those extra cold binging-on-Netflix evenings! Rugs are also a stylish and warm way of updating your interior for the season, these can keep your feet warm if you have hardwood or laminate flooring. They can also create a snug statement that adds depth and texture into a room.

Create a Stunning Window Scene With Family and Chocolate!

There is no need to run to your nearest store to grab glittery snowflakes or fancy baubles because you could get your family together for a fun filled Christmas decoration workshop! I have seen some amazing ideas online like hot chocolate bauble kits which not only look adorable but contain everything you need to make the perfect hot chocolate! Paper chains are also an easy and fun way to decorate any window, if you have uPVC windows, simply attach the chain with tape or blue tac to plastic rim of the window to avoid chipping wall paint and for easy removal. Or use get more creative by taping carrier bags around your window to mimic fake snow or cut out pretty stars from glitter paper!

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