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Kids Learning Path

Kids Learning Path, as a Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada we specialize in providing the best quality, curriculum-based programs for infants as young as 6 weeks old to school aged children up to 12 years old. We provide a safe, loving and caring environment for the children along with age appropriate curriculum and planned daily activities.

Choosing the Right Child Care Provider

A significant milestone in a young child’s life is enrollment in a daycare. A new place away from home away from the loving touch of her mom, comfort of dad, warmth of her crib and bed and a separation from her usual surroundings…..

6 Steps for a Stress free Child Care Admission for your Toddler

Nearly all toddlers and parents must endure this type of admissions process and it may seem comical, almost ludicrous, but for many parents and children, it’s a painfully serious reality. While many preschools still have open admissions – accepting children who apply on a first-to-apply, first-to-be-accepted basis, with an eye only to achieving a healthy balance of boys and girls and a workable mix of ages – more and more seem as demanding as any Ivy League school on their admission requirements.

“I Hate Studying!” 4 Tips to Help Your Child Develop a Love for Learning

When we were still in school, hearing the word ‘study’ used to make us cringe. We would procrastinate until we only had hours or minutes left to study, and although we know that the results of procrastination aren’t good, we still continue to do so. As a kid, playing games with friends or basically doing anything but studying was worthwhile. As we grew older, we realized the importance of balancing our studies and doing recreational activities at the same time.

Early Learning Strategies: 4 Things You Can Try with Your Child

When we are used to something, we kind of take it for granted sooner or later. For the first 20 or more years of our life, we spend it in school. When we graduate and have a job, most of us more or less regret taking our schooling for granted. It was something that was constant in our lives and gave us a sense of routine. Sometimes, we look back and think about how we would do if we tried harder in our studies. If your child is in school or just recently started to go to school, as a parent/guardian, you’d like to help them out when it comes to understanding the lessons better.

4 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Energetic

As parents, we want nothing more than to keep our children in the best of health. We want them to live the life they deserve – a life full of fun, laughter, learning, and memorable experiences.

The Importance of Letting Your Kids Be Who They Want to Be

It’s not uncommon for kids to struggle with their identity. Sometimes they even carry the struggle with them to adulthood.

6 Indoor Activities You Can Do to Bond With Your Child

Is the weather bad, and you can’t head out for the day? Don’t worry. There are other things you can do to bond with your little one.

5 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet

That may be the case, but your little one will also be missing out on a lot of things than their peers are exposed to.

Cooking Is a Life Skill You Should Teach Your Child Early

Don’t let your little one go through the same thing. Teach them the basics of cooking as early as now.

3 Evidence-Based Tips that can Help Parents Develop their Child’s Preschool Social Skills

As a parent, you might think that giving your child the opportunity to socialize with children their age is enough.

Getting Ready for Back To School

Preschool doesn’t need any formal preparation, here's a head start. Here is what you can do to start getting ready for back to school...

4 Fantastic Ways to Stay Involved in Your Child’s Day Care Activities

Don’t want to miss out on the important development in your baby’s life while you’re at work? See how you can be a part of their day care activities.

Parents Ask: Is Overfeeding a Baby okay?

Once you have noticed that your newborn is spitting up the milk he or she has drank, the possibility of you overfeeding your baby is high. But you need to consult experts first before you conclude that you are giving too much food to your baby. There may be some underlying causes for when your baby throws up such as a sickness or an upset stomach.

Child Care in Las Vegas, Nevada | Daycare | Kids Learning Path

Go ahead and ask us about Infant Care, Pre-Kindergarten or Pre-School when you call 702-456-4986.

Child Care | Las Vegas, Nevada | Kids Learning Path

At Kids Learning Path, a Child Care Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, our focus is to provide children with age-appropriate developmental activities and curriculum for Daycare and Preschool. Giving lots of love and care, nutritious meals, and access to plenty of equipment and materials to learn. Most importantly, our aim is to provide a home-like atmosphere for children when they are away from loved ones for a major part of the day. We do so while giving them opportunity and guidance to obtain age-appropriate education which will allow them to have head start at Kindergarten.