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Updated by RentALLScript on Dec 12, 2017
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RentALL - Airbnb Clone - v1.3.0 is out now!

RentALL can help you build your own Airbnb kind of Sharing Economy platform, Peer-to-peer market places and Rental platforms without spending too much time, money and energy.
RentALL can give you a head start that you can utilize to launch your platform very quickly and start focusing on building your business!


In this update, we have included few important updates in the admin panel and better UI changes on the frontend.

In this update, we have included few important updates in the admin panel and better UI changes on the frontend.

Admin can edit any listings! Yes, any Listings!

As a site owner you will need to have all access to all Listings in your platform. This edit listing feature is a life saver for all the site owners.
You may wonder, why do you even bother to edit other’s listings in the first place?!
There could be a typo error or misleading information or even your host doesn’t know how to complete his/her listing. You Should be there for them to help and at the same time you will need to have more control over the listings.

A brand new View Listing page!

We have revamped the View Listing page and made it look more elegant than ever!
We have added floating Booking window that can scroll when the page is scrolled-down and there are quick links to give you easy access to other part of the View listing.

Improved Trips and Reservations pages

We have split the Trips and Reservation into smaller parts to provide more specific details to the users and hosts on their bookings.

Trips is split into Upcoming Trips and Previous Trips to help the guest understand what’s going to come in the future and history of his/her bookings. The same goes for Reservation section. Host will be much more aware of what’s the upcoming Reservation and get ready for the guest.

Social Share on View Listing

Social Share on listing page could be the most tiny feature we have ever built but it’s more powerful. There is saying “Do not judge a book by its cover!” and I guess, that’s more suitable to this feature.

Social Media is unavoidable these days and we believe this feature can help your users share to share their favorite listings on their social circle and that can end up with helping you get more paying customers :)

Mission — Bug fixing!

Last but not least! Kudos to our beloved customers for sharing their wonderful feedback to help us hunt down the bugs. Of course the hunt never rest. We will keep on improving RentALL and help you build amazing Sharing Economy platforms.

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RentALL - Airbnb Clone Script that helps you create your own Sharing Economy platform in Vacation rental, Yacht charter & Equipment rental like Airbnb.