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Online Transcription Services

The most important business tool Transcription Services are made easily accessible by its availability over online with minimum rates.


How an Online Transcription Services made simpler nowadays?

How an Online Transcription Services made simpler nowadays?

Prompt and Precise Online Transcription Services at the Click of a button

Online transcription can be defined as the conversion of audio and video content into text format. The process is quick and efficient and is an inexpensive proposition. The quality of the transcript depends on the expertise and experience of the transcription services. Instant communication services like dictation machines and video recording devices need documentation and this is possible only with transcription services. With online transcription services, you can get your project done sitting from any corner of the world. Transcription services rates vary depending on whether the client avails online or offline services.

Changing pace of the global market affecting the Transcription service rates

Online transcription Services are growing at a rapid pace. The services are used by almost all industries and are becoming an integral part of trade and commerce. Transcription helps to convert audio into a readable format with the stipulated deadline prescribed by the customer. Based on the quality of the product and the speed of delivering the transcription services rates are fixed. There may be a need for the transcription from general to editing documents for inconsistencies, correcting grammatical errors, spellings and punctuations.

Dedicated Online Transcription Service

A host of services are available when it comes to transcription and these include specialized services like

Legal transcription interpreting the legal documents
Medical transcription for preparing health care documents in the right format
Academic transcription dealing with educational material documentation
Sermon transcription related to documentation of preaching
Court transcription to document the proceedings in the court
Seminar transcription to prepare a document of the seminar presentation and more type of transcriptions to meet the specialized needs of your business activities.

In all cases extreme confidentiality is maintained. Ample security measures are included to protect sensitive information from being leaked. The transcription services rates are estimated based on the quality of service.

How are Transcription costs calculated?

To know how the transcription costs are calculated it is important to understanding the working process. For any format of the transcription process, clarity and proper flow of information. To start with you need to fill in an online processing form with your contact information along with the work requirement. The work can be uploaded to the transcription provider’s website. Once you work is accepted a transcriptionist is assigned to your task. You can get your concerns clarified before you start work. The project once done is send as a Word Document to the editor for further verification. Here the checking is done for inconsistencies and all care is taken to ensure company standards are maintained.

Bear in mind while choosing a Transcription Service

Engaging a reliable transcription company can allay your fears when it comes to quality and transcription costs. Never choose a service based on transcription cost alone, even though a service provider who charges less does not mean they are offering poor quality of work. Check previous work and portfolio before assigning the task. Do not be in a hurry to sign up with the transcriptionist. A little research and patients can save a lot of hassles in the long run. A professional transcriptionist can transcript a one hour file in less than four hours which normally takes six hours or more for an average person. Assigning the task to experts can help achieve your business goals.