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Student Specific Resources

Best lectures and resources from the FOAM world that cover the core concepts that students need to learn while in training.

January 2012 - Specificity - Episode 124 | EM:RAP

A mini journal club segment from David Newman.. What could be better? 

EXCELLENT review of sensitivity vs specificity, as applied with real examples. Not many people are able to explain it as well as this guy.

Learning how to learn: studying optimization.

Tips on making learning stick. Really important stuff, and the sooner you learn it, the better! Should be required reading for the new medical student.

More resources related to this topic:,_What_doesn%27t.pdf

Dr. Reuben Strayer - Emergency Thinking

Dr. Reuben Strayer gives an engaging visiting lecture on thinking like an Emergency Physician. Dr. Reuben Strayer was born on the shores of Lake Michigan but...

EXCELLENT video on the perspective we are supposed to have in EM when approaching patients. A must watch.

Common Intern Issues by Dr. Moffett

In this video, Dr. Bryan Moffett examines common issues interns may face while cross-covering. He begins by discussing how to approach calls. He then examine...

Acid Base in the Critically Ill - Part I

This lecture discusses a quantitative approach to acid base management. It provides explanations for why acid base disorders occur in human pathophysiology.

Disclaimer - I have never actually seen people using this in practice out in the community. I have heard that it may be the newschool approach to acid base. Nonetheless, a great lecture and a new perspective on an age-old topic.

Podcast 138 - Vasopressor Basics

There is a ton to speak about regarding vasopressors, but before we get to the edge cases, we need to set-up a foundation.

Anatomy – Emergency Medicine Ireland

Easily the best lectures I've seen for clinically oriented anatomy. Great images and excellent explanations. Andy Neill was an anatomist before becoming an EM physician. Highly recommended!

Problem Solving in Clinical Medicine: From Data to Diagnosis: 9780683301670: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon...

Problem Solving in Clinical Medicine: From Data to Diagnosis: 9780683301670: Medicine & Health Science Books @

This is an old textbook - do not use it to learn up to date treatment. It is however one of my favorite case-based textbooks. You start with a patient case, and the author puts you in the shoes of the doctor and the thought process they would go through. Excellent dissection of the thought process. Great resource for students and new learners trying to transition from didactic knowledge to clinical application.

September 2016 - Answering Your Clinical Question with Medical Literature - Death By Peppermint Patty | Urgent Care RAP

Lynn discusses effective strategies to get evidence based relevant answers to clinical questions.  She reviews strategies to locate guidelines and …

Nice review of the process to take, the resources to go to, with the PICO system. This lecture was much better than the one I had in school!

Infectious Disease: Antibiotic Ladder - OnlineMedEd

Free online lecture provided by OnlineMedEd @ Designed for third and fourth year medical students to learn the foundation for their care...

This is an EXCELLENT lecture on some of the fundamentals you should know about antibiotics / pharm. Talks about things from a big perspective approach to give you a framework off of which you can learn the details. This is so much better than the lectures I had in school on this topic. Highly recommended for students or for grads who still might not feel comfortable with these important concepts.

Shock and Hemodynamics in the CCU with Dr. Brown — Louisville Lectures

"Dr, Lorrel Brown covers the basics of shock including how to recognize
cardiac shock from history, physical exam and invasive monitoring. She
discusses physiology and interpretation of pulmonary artery catheterization
and then covers choice of vasopressors for therapy."

This lecturer, Dr Brown, is one of the best lecturers for cardiology that I've come across online. She has several lectures that I'd highly recommend. Also, in general, this "Louisville Lectures" offer very nice, high quality lectures mostly geared towards internal medicine, but also easy to apply in other specialties.