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Best pediatric FOAM lectures and resources.

July 2012 - Pediatric Pearls: 3 Signs and Symptoms - Episode 130 | EM:RAP

3 important signs and symptoms that differentiate a seriously ill child from a not so sick kid are the focus of this conversation between Ilene …

Let me just say, this is one of the best lectures I've heard for fundamentals of pediatrics that every person should listen to at least once. Highly recommended!

How to Approach Sick Kids: A lifetime of experience, distilled

Sick kids are scary. Dr. Rich Cantor distills a lifetime of experience treating kids into a masterfully nuanced approach to the altered child. Get the rest o...

Challenges Involving Minor Pediatric Head Trauma – Greg Henry, MD

Pediatric closed head injury. Greg Henry provides some of the medicolegal perspective on this topic.

Blunt Head Trauma | Pediatric Emergency Playbook

Dayan PS et al. Association of Traumatic Brain Injuries with Vomiting in Children with Blunt Head Trauma. Ann Emerg Med. 2014; 63(6):657-665.

Vaccine-Preventable Illnesses: Part 1 | Pediatric Emergency Playbook

This post and podcast are dedicated to Mike Patrick, MD, FAAP for his tireless education for patients, families, and fellow clinicians.  Find his fantastic PediaCast here.  Thanks, Dr Mike!

Please, Just STOP LIMPING! | Pediatric Emergency Playbook

This is the most urgent consideration in our differential diagnosis. The hip is the most common joint affected, followed by the knee.  Lab work can be helpful, as well as adjunct use of US of the hip to look for an effusion,  but sometimes, regardless of the results, the joint just has to be tapped to know for sure.

Intranasal Medications and You | Pediatric Emergency Playbook

Right Drug – Not every medication is easily amenable to intranasal administration. We can use intranasal drugs for analgesia, for anxiolysis, for seizures – but not all drugs used for those purposes will perform well – or at all – via the IN route.

The Undifferentiated Sick Infant | Pediatric Emergency Playbook

The Pediatric Assessment Triangle is a rapid, global assessment tool using only visual and auditory clues to make determinations on three key domains: appearance, work of breathing, and circulation to the skin.

September 2016 - Pediatric Pearls – Pediatric Ankle Sprains – Yes I said Sprains! (not salter harris fractures like w...

Kids don't get sprains they get SALTER 1 fractures, except that is totally NOT true.