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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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6 reasons to visit Maldives – An Astonishingly Beautiful Island Nation

Maldives is an aquamarine world of its own. Blessed with soft beaches and the calmest waters, there are a number of reasons that make this island paradise worthy of a visit.


The crystal clear turquoise waters

This is probably the biggest reason that you should visit the Maldives. Far from the polluted seas and canals most are accustomed to, the Maldives has a mesmerizing sea that looks like something straight out of a desktop wallpaper. Any luxury resort the Maldives has to offer, such as Baros Maldives, guarantees beach-bound bliss.


The Marine Life!

A reef surrounds most islands in the archipelago. This reef is home to one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world. Take a dive below the surface and witness bewitching corals surrounded by fish who dart in and out while manta rays regally swim above you. The unpolluted seas give you clear views while the tropical climate ensures warm waters. Diving and snorkelling are highly recommended and most luxury resorts in Maldives offer this experience. You can even go to the extent of taking a submarine ride for the ultimate experience. On your lucky day, you might set your eyes on a whale shark!


Vibrant Maldivian Culture

A visit to a foreign country lacks essence if one does not indulge in the local culture and heritage. The Maldives has a very colourful culture that is worth exploring. Take a ride on a dhoni, a traditional fishing boat or take a trip down to one of the inhabited islands close by to witness the culture up and close. You can also roam around the capital, Malé.


Water Villas

The majority of the resorts in the country offer this. Secluded bungalows set atop the water, these structures combine upscale living with one of the most exotic settings. The back doors open to the Indian Ocean so a dip in the water is an option at all times while certain villas even have a glass floor so you can check out the sea right below you.


The Maldivian cuisine

For those in love with seafood, you will be ecstatic to know that the majority of the Maldives' cuisine revolves around seafood. It is actually not a surprise given the close proximity to the sea. Hard to find fish like tuna are commonplace in dishes while the curries carry influence from the nearby countries of Sri Lanka and India. Garudhiya, one of the most commonly consumed dishes in the Maldives totally deserves a try.


The water sports

The country knows its biggest attraction is the sea and it has sought to maximize this. Water sports are customary in every corner of the Maldives. You can easily find commonplace water sports like kayaking and jet skiing. However, the real treat is that you can also find many water sports that are unknown and difficult to find in other parts of the globe. These include activities like sea bobbing and X-JetBlades.