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Headline for Top 4 Experiences in Maldives - discover the best experiences Maldives has to offer!
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Top 4 Experiences in Maldives - discover the best experiences Maldives has to offer!

The Maldives is renowned as leading holiday destinations, with so much to offer the travellers. The turquoise ocean and white beaches afford a number of amazing experience - these are the top 4!


The Beaches

This one is fairly obvious if you glance at any photograph of the Maldives. Sought after by couples, and leisure travellers alike, as a getaway destination - the country's stunning white sand beaches, many of which are secluded, are its most prized possessions. The Baa Atoll reefs, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is a great example of the pristine, natural beauty that is found in abundance around the archipelagos. Here, you can swim out into the crystal clear, turquoise water, explore the reefs, and visit the numerous small coves and beaches to really experience the unforgettable scenery around you.


The Coral Reefs

The Maldives archipelagos are internationally famous for its abundance of pristine and rare coral reefs. The coral reefs grow in vast formations, with many protected by the government to ensure a long and healthy lifespan. Currently, there are an estimated 70 species of coral that make up the various reefs surrounding the atolls. The corals are home to over 700 different species of tropical fish in a kaleidoscope of colours, such as the butterfly fish, clownfish, the triggerfish and the parrotfish. In addition, marine life includes moray eels, octopus, and over 200 varieties of crustaceans such as hermit crabs and lobsters, all hidden amid the corals. The clear waters and mild currents make reef diving or snorkelling great ways to experience this underwater paradise that lies beneath the surface.


Dolphin Watching

The azure waters off the coast of the Maldives are well-known for its diverse marine life, especially the large pods of dolphins and to a lesser extent, whales, that swim near the atolls. Around 23 species of whales and dolphins have been recorded in the Maldivian waters, including the largest mammal on earth, the blue whale. Maldives has been ranked as the 5th best place in the world to view these amazing marine creatures, and dolphin watching excursions in Maldives are highly sought after, with several resorts around the atolls such as Baros Maldives, for example, organising special tours. Commonly sighted dolphins range from Spinner and Risso's Dolphins to Bottlenose and Spotted Uninhabited Island Dolphins.


Big Game Fishing

Best known for its stunning beaches, and clear lagoons, the Maldives also provides an idyllic setting for high adrenalin big game fishing. A means of living to many Maldivians, big game fishing also draws a large crowd of tourists, eager to reel in one of the large species that live in these waters. Commonly seen fish in the open waters around the islands are groupers, tuna, barracuda, rainbow runner, trevally and much more. There are several registered fishing guides and even resorts that provide top-notch equipment and boats, and lessons on how to use them properly to ensure a fun and exciting fishing experience.