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Fitness and Health Blogs for Baby Boomers

Women over 50: Looking for active aging solutions, motivation, workouts, stories, and some downright good exercise, health and wellness blogs? Check out this Fun and Fit Fab list!

Fun and Fit: Fitness experts help midlife women age actively

Active Aging Answers for Boom Chicka Boomers from certified fitness professionals.


Fitness, weight lifting, health & workout enthusiast for over 30++ years. At 55 this November 2012, I am making sure I stay fit & healthy long term! FitFluential Ambassador.

Fab After Fifty

We all want to lead healthy fabulous lives, but we do recognise that as we reach  50 we have to deal with Health issues specific to our age group, starting with the ‘M’ word. We will  be covering over 50 health topics such as osteoporosis, breast cancer, thyroid issues etc. With the help of our ‘experts’, Dr Carol Cooper and Dr Marilyn Glenville, we will bring you information to help better understand the health issues faced post 50 and learn about the latest options to deal with them, using both medical and natural therapies.

Exercise your Way to a Fabulous Age of Menopause |

What are the benefits of exercise during menopause?

Anti-Age Yourself: Stronger, Faster, Fitter and Sexier

Getting Older: Slowing, Weakening?Check us out if you want to be Stronger, Faster, Healthier, Sexier and Feel Great about yourself, even as you grow older. (Just a suggestion :-)

Midlife transformation is the springboard for an emboldened life

eat run sail

Enjoying life at a more relaxed pace... but always game to try something new. Recreational runner, avid golfer and salty sailor. Creative cook. Loves to have her head in the sunshine and her feet in the sand.


Do you ever find yourself wondering why other women seem to be more successful than you at reaching their health and fitness goals? Why your best friend can enjoy wine and dessert without ever gaining a pound, while you diligently stick to your lunchtime salad and can't lose one?

Ignite! Menopause Mastery Solution

Helping women to ROCK Menopause! Diet, exercise, stress management, wellness coaching and running. Rethink menopause and ignite your life!

My Front Page -

Get Healthy for Life at My Front Page -

Nicki Anderson - Thoughts on Health, Life and Family

Thoughts on Family, Health and Life after 50

Menopause Mondays: Fight Menopausal Weight Gain - Ellen Dolgen

It's springtime! Are you still waiting for that winter weight to melt? For many of us, winter means seeing a shifting scale. Most people gain about one pound over the winter months, according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. | Empower yourself to live a healthy and vibrant life after the age of 50

Empower yourself to live a healthy and vibrant life after the age of 50


Boomer wellness for fitness professionals and fit-fans.

Susan Gala | Pelvic Floor Exercise

Susan Gala, creator The Sexhercise® Method, which helps with pelvic floor exercises.

Finding Life's Balance

Mind, Body, Spirit -- some down to earth fitness and nutrition tips for the body and some thought provoking ideas for the mind and spirit.

Taking It On

Running, not running... teenagers to toddlers... staring 50 in the face and just happy to be here.

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The Office on Women's Health provides national leadership and coordination to improve the health of women and girls through policy, deucation and model programs. | The Fit Fork

Healthy recipes, running, workouts and fitness tips for a better bite out of life. A 45+ year old runner, still going strong.

Wellness, netting & NO

The science behind wellness - a smart approach for weight loss