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05 Things to Do in Nuwara Eliya – Experiencing a Highland Haven

The highland town of Nuwara Eliya is always an appealing locality to visit. In this town, you will find a host of interesting things to do that will capture the imagination of the discerning visitor.


Visit Gregory Lake

Nature lovers are sure to be enthralled by the picturesque Gregory Lake in Nuwara Eliya. You will see that this appealing lake presents a tranquil sight, featuring an extent of verdant grass where horses can be seen grazing calmly. Numerous visitors to the town choose to relax and unwind at this location. In the environs of the lake, visitors will notice groups of people enjoying picnics, riding on horses, traversing the waters on paddle boats or simply taking a relaxed stroll. It is believed that this lake was made use of for recreational pursuits and water sports during the British colonial period. Gregory Lake is considered to be one of Nuwara Eliya's principal attractions.


Stroll through Victoria Park

As its name indicates this popular park has been named after the famous monarch Queen Victoria. Established as long ago as 1897, this well-known park is an attractive place containing pretty flowers which you may not have the opportunity to find in other parts of Sri Lanka. This park is also highly regarded by birdwatchers due to the multitude of avian varieties that you will find here. It is also greatly appreciated by children who will have the chance to ride the popular mini train that you will find at the park. Another attraction at the park is its museum where you will be able to browse through a collection of interesting artefacts and photographs.


Shop at Bale Bazaar

This popular market in Nuwara Eliya is also referred to as the Winter Market as it contains a good selection of winter attire which you can purchase at comparatively low prices. You will see that winter clothing makes up a majority of the goods you will find at this market. If you intend to stay in Nuwara Eliya for a few days you will have the opportunity to purchase some suitable clothes here. You will also come across numerous visitors from abroad who have come to the bazaar to obtain some useful winter wear that they can use in their native countries.


Explore Tea Estates

If you take a short drive from the town of Nuwara Eliya you will encounter a host of tea estates which are involved in the production of this popular drink. These picturesque estates provide sensational views and you will have the opportunity to stroll amongst the tea bushes which produce the world-renowned Sri Lankan tea. You will find a number of tea estates where you will be welcome to wander around and explore the plantations and factories where the tea is plucked and processed. Naturally, you will also have the opportunity to sample the famous local tea. In order to visit these attractions you can rent car in Sri Lanka with several options available; a choice that you could consider would be the services of Car Booking Sri Lanka.


Experience Ambewela Farm

Visitors to Nuwara Eliya can take the opportunity to experience the well-known Ambewela Farm. This attractive farm is situated amidst appealing landscapes, bordered by flourishing greenery and misty hilltops. At this farm, you will be able to observe cows grazing placidly and you will even have the chance to interact with the farm animals. A highlight at this farm would be the opportunity to watch the cows being milked which is always an appealing sight. You will also have the chance to purchase some freshly made dairy products at the farm.'

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