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Headline for Things you wish you knew before travelling to Maldives - Gorgeous shores and unforgettable memories.
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Things you wish you knew before travelling to Maldives - Gorgeous shores and unforgettable memories.

The Maldives boasts some of the most beautiful beaches ever; and is the go-to dream destination for many. Let's look at some things you must know before travelling to the Maldives.


The Glow-in-the-Dark Beaches

While the Maldives is home to many beautiful beaches there are a few that offer some of the most beautiful natural occurrences known to man. You can witness this at a few beaches like Reethi and Mirihi. The shores come alive at night, mirroring the starlit sky above it as bioluminescent plankton light up the beach. This makes for a truly unforgettable experience as it's a rare sight that can only be witnessed in few spots across the world. It truly is a must see phenomenon that takes anyone on a fairy tale journey of the senses.


It Has a 100-Percent Islamic Populace

The Maldives has an entirely 100 percent Islamic populace. The only other country across the entire globe with a one hundred percent Muslim population is Saudi Arabia. This is crucial when planning your trip as you should be culturally aware as to what things are allowed and not allowed to show your respect to the people. During Ramadan, which is a month-long holy fast, many of the local staff and people you encounter at any resort or area would not be able to eat or drink anything during the daylight hours. Many shops across the islands will also be closed at certain times during the day for prayers.


Always Stay Hydrated

If you're like anyone visiting the islands, you're definitely planning on soaking up some sun and casually sitting on the beach for days on end. An important point to remember during this is to stay hydrated since you'll be sweating out necessary minerals and salts. Most water found on the island is demineralized and you might feel a little sluggish because of that. An important tip for you would be to grab a few rehydration salt packets available at the main airport's pharmacy as unfortunately sports drinks are generally unavailable in the local shops.


Witness Large Marine Life

With its relative location in the ocean and size, the Maldives is home to some of the best marine life on the planet. You'll be able to witness these natural wonders both above and below the water. Whale sharks make a year-round appearance at South Ari Atoll, making it one of the best spots in the entire world to witness these magnificent creatures. In this area, you'll also find active pods of dolphins. If you're on a seaplane gliding past the Northern Male Atoll, you'll be able to see a large concentration of Manta Rays. If it's an absolute thrill you seek, check out the Rasdhoo Atoll as it is one of the only places in the world that boasts hammerhead shark dives. In addition to these, you'll be able to witness other creatures like sea turtles, colourful fish and reef sharks as well. Maldives luxury resorts are plentiful, make sure you book in advance so that you'll have enough time to have fun with the activities. Amaya Kuda Rah is one such example of a luxury resort.


Some Islands Are Disappearing

It is definitely worth noting that some of the islands that form this wonderful net of paradise on earth are disappearing with time. Over the years, as many as 100 islands have disappeared due to natural erosion from the ocean and its rising water levels. If anything it's a reason to kick start your vacation and head over to this gorgeous place to witness it in all its glory.

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