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Tips for visiting Sigiriya - The Iconic Lion Rock!

Sigiriya is one of the most iconic parts of Sri Lanka's history and natural wonder, so much so that it's dual-listed by UNESCO. Let's look at some tips for visiting Sigiriya.


Strictly No Photos at the Mirror Wall

Sigiriya offers a wonderful experience, both in its climb as well as its visual splendour. While you are allowed to freely take pictures at any point of your climb, the caves where you'll witness the frescoes and it's famous "Mirror Wall" are strictly no photo zones. This is mainly for the protection of these murals and its surroundings.


Carry and Umbrella

One of the key things to always remember when you plan your trip to Sigiriya is to bring an umbrella and wear sun protection. There is no protection from the sun at the summit of this rock, which makes for an essential tip even if it's a cloudy day. An umbrella is must have for clear sunny days.


Wear Sturdy Shoes

While you may witness many locals both adults and school children making their way to the top of this rock in sandals and flip-flops, a sturdy or a decent pair of walking shoes go a long way. The climb up will be much more comfortable and safer as some stone sections are known to be quite slippery, so you'll definitely need some grip underfoot. You'll definitely want to plan ahead for the climb. You can check out for hotels near Sigiriya so that you catch some rest and comfort much faster after you've completed the climb. One such example nearby is Amaya Signature.


Keep Your Ticket

You will need to purchase a ticket at the entrance to climb Sigiriya, which generally costs around $30. However, keep this ticket with you as you'll need it to enter the water gardens and many other areas.


Check the Museum at the Start

The museum at the beginning of this trip is a must-see as you'll witness the history and culture surrounding this marvellous rock fortress. You'll be able to see a large scale model of the original design of the rock from all those years ago. This is also the last place you'll find a washroom before you make your way down again.


Keep an eye out for 'helpers'

You'll come across a few people who will try and help you across the steep steps at the beginning of the climb, but beware as they may latch on to you for the rest of your journey with an expected monetary return. The pathway to the rock is clearly marked and generally requires no guide. If you do however come across them, a simple no thank you, or a shake of your shoulders should be enough to let them know that you don't need any assistance.


Drink Plenty of Water

This is an important tip, but one that you should know since you are going to be making a large climb. However do note that there is nowhere to purchase water once you start the climb, so take enough with you to last your journey up and then back down as well.


Break the Journey into Sections

There is no real rush to reach the summit of the rock, you can leisurely climb it at a pace that is comfortable for you. Definitely remember to take breaks whenever you feel like it, especially a water stop to replenish yourself before you take on the last section of this rock through the lion's paws.


Follow Signs to the 'Foreigners Exit'

There is a much quicker route out of the place than going all the way back past the museum. You'll see multiple signs scattered throughout that lead to a 'Foreigners Exit' where you'll be led out via a shorter route that hosts a few souvenir stands and stalls with much needed cold drinks.

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