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4 Beautiful Beaches in Tioman Island – A slice of Eden itself

While the Tioman Islands have a lot to entice tourists, it is safe to say that its most defining features are the beaches and the translucent sea around it.


Paya Beach Tioman

A regular name that comes up when considering the top beaches in Tioman Island, Paya Beach Tioman is a highly recommended place to visit. A short distance from the beach is a beautiful village that is worth exploring, should you have time to kill. Moving back to the beach, the tropical climate makes it an ideal spot for a bit of sunbathing. However, if you are the type who does not look forward to spending hours doing nothing, you can go on a diving tour. Any hotel or a resort in Tioman Island can help you book one. The island is well famed for the numerous diving sites located just off the shore, and it is a visual treat you should not miss.


Salang Beach Tioman

A faster paced beach compared to the previous location, this beach has a number of choices when it comes to entertainment. Many restaurants litter the beach, offering everything from Western dishes to local and Chinese dishes to stuff yourself. Locals of the beach have a reputation for being extremely helpful, so feel free to ask help in exploring the beach. The beach has a very vibrant nightlife and it regularly hosts bonfire parties on the coastline. On top of that, it regularly attracts a huge number of backpackers, and chances are that you can get to know many people from different parts of the globe.


Melina Beach

Frequently visited by natives of the island as well as tourists, this is one of the most understated beaches on the island. It lacks the vibrant and punchy lifestyle but it makes up for it with the sheer natural beauty of the surroundings. A short distance away is the Marine Park Centre that is guaranteed to command the interest of nature lovers. Many of the fabled diving spots can be accessed from the Melina Beach too and the unpolluted waters make snorkelling a delight.


Juara Beach

Well famed for its tranquil environment, Juara Beach is just the place to wind down. Widely referred to as the most beautiful beach on Tioman Island, this stretch of coast is relatively untouched, allowing a visitor to take in the natural beauty with little to no human interference. As with most of the beaches on Tioman Island, Juara Beach is a honey pot for diving and snorkelling. Many nearby resorts such as Berjaya Tioman Resort have their own diving schools that help prep you up for a dive. Worry not if you are not into aquatic activities, it is perfectly acceptable to lounge and take in the sun on this beach. An assortment of restaurants and cafes can be found all over the beach that serves an array of dishes from different cuisines. Any visitor to the beach will tell you the dishes are delicious while the turtle hatcheries located close by makes an ideal setting for some family time.

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