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Top 4 Things To Do In Praslin – Exploring The Island That Has Every Shade Of Paradise

A seductive island in the Seychelles, Praslin has a wide variety of things to do. With picturesque beaches and thick jungles just a bit off shore, this is the side of Seychelles everybody dreams of.


Anse Lazio

Regularly appearing on the list of top beaches around the world, Anse Lazio is picture perfect, whichever angle you look at it from. The beach stretches endlessly while turquoise waters lap against golden sands and granite outcrops. At the edge of the beach, a multitude of palm trees rustle with the soft wind. A scene right out of a postcard, the beach has its own swimming area while a lifeguard constantly patrols the shore. Since the sea is crystal clear, snorkelling is a delight at Anse Lazio. There are a couple of shops and restaurants scattered over the beach should you wish for refreshments. Praslin is a small island, so regardless of if you are staying at a hotel such as Berjaya Praslin Resort, which is on the opposite side of the town, travelling is hardly a hassle.


Vallée de Mai

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Center, this nature park is a hotbed for bird watching. You can feast your eyes on endemic birds such as the Seychelles warbler. The nature park seems like something right out of a fantasy novel and is also one of the two locations where the coco de mer palm grows in the wild. The nature park shows no sign of human encroachment as it has been left untouched for decades and has a total of 3 hiking trails that run throughout the park.


Curieuse Island

Although it is not on the island of Praslin, Curieuse Island is just twelve kilometres away from. A bio reserve, it is a great location for a day trip out of Praslin. The tiny island is home to an excess of five hundred tortoises and up to 8 different types of mangroves. This island is also the second of the two locations where the coco de mer palm grows in the wild. Green sea turtles are known to use the island's beach for breeding purposes and if you drop by at the right time, you might be able to witness the moment. The island has no hotels or restaurants and the most hassle free method to visit is to rent a tour from your resort in Seychelles.


Anse La Blague

Located on the east coast, Anse La Blague ticks all the boxes for a picnic spot. Unlike its popular sibling Anse Lazio, many tourists do not visit this beach, leaving it empty and isolated more often than not. The path to the beach goes up a hill before descending down to the beach. Anse La Blague has hardly any facilities except one restaurant and has a couple of houses here and there. The waters are pretty calm during low tide, but things look riskier during high tide and the water gets quite deep, so it is something you need to keep in mind.

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