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Updated by Penelope_ on Dec 10, 2017
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Top 8 Songs from the Spongebob Musical


Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise)

In my opinion, "Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise)" is one of the most catchy tunes in the musical. Also, it would be so fun to play in the orchestra for the last 30-ish seconds, where they all improvise. In many people's opinions, including my own, "Bikini Bottom Day (Reprise)" is the best possible way to pay homage to the absolutely ridiculous TV show that the musical is based off of.


Tomorrow Is

I really like how "Tomorrow Is" portrays each individual character's outlook on the disaster that Bikini Bottom is having. The melody and harmonies are really pretty. The actors' amazing singing ability is highlighted in this song especially, I think.


Chop to the Top

I, personally, really like "Chop to the Top" because of how catchy it is. You can sing along to it basically on your first time listening to it. It's also a very nice motivational song. Also, I just really love Lilli Cooper's voice.


Best Day Ever

An uplifting song, "Best Day Ever" is very pretty. I really like Ethan Slater in this number. His performance in this number is exceptionally good. The harmonies and background singing are on-point and are both very beautiful.


Hero is My Middle Name

"Hero is My Middle Name" is a really catchy song. I really like the melody and I think it's really pretty. Ethan Slater, Danny Skinner, and Lilli Cooper's performances in this song are exceptional.


Daddy Knows Best

"Daddy Knows Best" is really catchy and portrays Mr. Krabs and Pearl's personalities and relationship very well. Emmy Raver-Lampman is astounding in this number. She does very well on her sustained notes and her riffs are very impressive.


(Just a) Simple Sponge

"(Just a) Simple Sponge" is a very nice-sounding number and it accurately portrays Spongebob's feelings towards Mr. Krabs. The background singing in this song is very pretty. The lyrics are motivational.


I'm Not a Loser

"I'm Not a Loser" is a motivational (-ish) song that is fairly clever and funny. It's a jazzy number that is very easy to dance or snap or clap along to. Also, the fact that it's a tap number makes it, like, ten times better to me. Also, proper respect must be paid to Gavin Lee for being able to tap dance in his costume.