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Best pharmacology lectures and resources FOAM.

May 2016 - Strayerisms - Anaphylaxis Rebuttal - Snake Bites and The Missed MI | EM:RAP

Reuben Strayer says forget confusing guidelines for evaluating patients with anaphylaxis. Keep it simple. For A, B, or C, give E.

Excellent talk that was highly regarded and puts home the point that we should have a lower threshold for giving epi.

Infectious Disease: Antibiotic Ladder - OnlineMedEd

Free online lecture provided by OnlineMedEd @ Designed for third and fourth year medical students to learn the foundation for their care...

This is an EXCELLENT lecture on some of the fundamentals you should know about antibiotics / pharm. Talks about things from a big perspective approach to give you a framework off of which you can learn the details. This is so much better than the lectures I had in school on this topic. Highly recommended for students or for grads who still might not feel comfortable with these important concepts.

Antibiotics Review (Part One) with Julie Harting, Pharm.D — Louisville Lectures

Julie Harting focuses primarily on basic antimicrobial principles including
pharmacokinetics (absorption, distribution, elimination), mechanisms of
bacterial resistance and real-life considerations when ordering antibiotics
on rounds.

EMCrit Podcast 205 - Push-Dose Pressors Update

"Today, an update on Push-Dose Pressors. I coined the name Push-Dose Pressors (PDPs) way back on episode 6. The idea was not new, anesthesiologists and resus docs have been using bolus-dose vasopressors for decades. I just thought the name was dumb, these are not boluses in the way I have always thought of them (a brief iv drip). I also thought it was crazy that the concept had not really penetrated very far into emergency medicine and the ICU–at least in the States. My prehospital doc friends told me it was common in their world. Since the podcast, I have received 100s of emails describing the use of PDPs to lifesaving effect (or at least code-preventing), but there has been scant published literature on this technique in EM. Recently that has all changed."

Procedural Sedation Trilogy:

Reuben Strayer's take on a primer for procedural sedation.

Three part screencast covering the essentials of procedural sedation and analgesia for emergency clinicians.

Part one covers how to think about and prepare for PSA, including a discussion of fasting guidelines. 13 minutes.
Part two describes how patients are harmed during PSA and how to prevent patients from being harmed during PSA. 29 minutes.
Part three discusses contemporary PSA pharmacology. 16 minutes.