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Excel Laser Vision Institute

Founded in 1997, Excel Laser Vision Institute is a premier provider of laser-assisted vision correction services in Southern California, particularly in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our team consists of highly experienced LASIK and cataract surgeons. Whether you need a cataract surgery, a laser eye surgery, or a LASIK eye surgery, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today if you need a LASIK surgery as soon as possible. We will help you book an appointment with a LASIK surgeon.

Speak To The Corrective Eye Surgery Specialists About Anisocoria

Anisocoria is an eye condition that the corrective eye surgery specialist can help you with.

Can Laser Vision Correction Los Angeles Treat Double Vision?

Talk to laser vision correction Los Angeles if you are seeing double.

Lasik Surgeon In Orange County Discusses Eye Floaters

You can treat severe cases of eye floaters with the help of a lasik surgeon in Orange County.

How the Lasik Surgeon in Orange County Performs Your Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik surgeon in Orange County describes the LASIK procedure.

Preparing Yourself for Laser Eye Surgery: Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

Undergoing laser eye surgery in Orange County? If so, you’ll want to make sure you are fully prepared for the procedure by following these tips.

Say Goodbye to Contact Lens Intolerance by Opting for LASIK Eye Surgery

Some contact lens wearers develop intolerance over time. Undergoing LASIK eye surgery in Orange County can resolve that issue once and for all.

Cataract Surgery Recovery: Five Tips for a Smoother Recovery Period

If you will undergo cataract surgery in Los Angeles any time soon, you should read up on tips to make your post-op recovery period easier for you.

3 Mistakes You Should Avoid before and after a Laser Eye Surgery

Before deciding to undergo a laser eye surgery in Orange County, make sure that you figure out the mistakes that you should do your best to avoid.

5 Concerns You Should Discuss with Cataract Surgeons Prior to Surgery

Before pushing through with cataract surgery in Los Angeles, be sure to talk about the following topics with cataract surgeons for a smooth operation.

LASIK FAQs and Other Good Questions You Should Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

We discuss some frequently asked questions regarding LASIK surgery and several other questions you should ask your LASIK surgeon in Orange County.

LASIK Surgery: What You Need to Know before Going under the Knife

Before undergoing LASIK surgery, take the time to know the important facts about this procedure so that you can be well prepared once you qualify.

Important Signs It May Be Time to Undergo LASIK Surgery in Los Angeles

Are you unsure whether you need to undergo LASIK surgery in Los Angeles? Here are five important signs that indicate it’s time to see a LASIK surgeon.

Post-Operative Recovery Tips One Week After Your Cataract Surgery

The first week after your cataract surgery is crucial to your healing progress. These excellent tips will help you recover from the procedure faster.

Undergoing LASIK Eye Surgery Can Help Improve Your Athletic Performance

Reach the peak of your athletic performance by improving your vision. Undergoing LASIK eye surgery in Los Angeles can be the key to winning.

Three Hallmarks of an Accomplished Laser Eye Surgery Specialist in Orange County, CA

The outcome of your laser eye surgery largely depends on your surgeon’s capabilities. Use these tips to find the best specialist for your needs.

LASIK Surgeons: Surgery Is the More Frugal Option Compared Glasses or Contacts

Contrary to popular belief, laser eye surgery is not more expensive than glasses and contact lenses, according to LASIK surgeons in Los Angeles.

Laser Eye Surgery: A Much Better Use for Your Tax Refunds This Year

Laser eye surgery is usually not covered by medical insurance policies, but there is a way to make it more affordable: deducting it from tax refunds.

Cataract Surgery: When You Need to Get Diagnosed by an Ophthalmologist and What to Expect

Avoiding cataracts is easy if you know the common symptoms. This way, an ophthalmologist can help you decide if cataract surgery is right for you.

Cataract Surgeons Highlight the Three Primary Types of Age-Related Cataracts

Learning about the three primary types of age-related cataract may be useful for patients over 40. Cataract surgeons offer more detailed explanation.

Five Reasons Not to Put Off LASIK Surgery Out of Fear of the Procedure

Are you putting off undergoing LASIK surgery due to having anxiety about the procedure? These five facts about the procedure can ease your fears.

LASIK Eye Surgery Is Now a Lot Safer Than Wearing Contact Lenses

A recent study has found that undergoing LASIK eye surgery in Orange County or elsewhere is the safer option compared to wearing contact lenses daily.

Cataracts: Signs that You Should Schedule Cataract Surgery ASAP

If you decided to hold off on cataract removal, keep on the lookout for the following signs. If you notice any, schedule cataract surgery ASAP.

Pre-Operative Examination for Laser Eye Surgery on Your First LASIK Consultation

Never agree to undergo laser eye surgery without a comprehensive pre-operative examination fist. Ask your ophthalmologists what that includes.

LASIK Eye Surgery Can Help You Get 20/20 Vision for Careers Where Perfect Eyesight Is Required

Thinking of applying for a job with strict vision requirements? Undergoing LASIK eye surgery may just be your best option for making the cut.

Why a LASIK Surgeon Might Advise Patients Not to Rush to Have the Procedure Done

Sometimes, it’s best to put off refractive surgery for a much later date. A LASIK surgeon might tell you to wait if any of these applies to you.

  • Doctor Ferzaad Moosa is a refractive specialist and board-certified Ophthalmologist. Dr. Moosa is one of the most respected Lasik Eye Surgery Doctors in all of Southern California. Dr. Moosa has performed tens of thousands of LASIK procedures. Dr. Ferzaad Moosa started his career towards becoming a surgeon here in Southern California, graduating with honors from the University of Southern California (USC) with a degree in Biology. Following this, Dr. Moosa continued his eduation by attending medical school at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious Universities in the country, and then on to UCLA for his internship in Internal Medicine.

    Following this, Dr. Moosa went for his training at one of the top ranked centers in the world, the Doheny Eye Institute/USC residency program, one of the foremost programs in the world. It was at the Doheny Eye Institute where Dr. Moosa began to receive his reputation as the finest surgeon, excelling in every aspect of his training. There, he performed many microsurgical procedures such as Intraocular and Corneal Procedures, as well as Glaucoma procedures.

    Lasik Eye Surgery Doctors

    During his time there, Dr. Moosa’s greatest interest was in anterior segment surgery. This led to Dr. Moosa entering the pursuit of refractive laser surgery. Doctor Ferzaad Moosa holds certification to perform laser eye treatments with the LADARVision system, VISX excimer lasers, the Nidek EC-5000, and other top equipment lines. The website, which identifies only the top 10 LASIK surgeons in each state, lists Doctor Ferzaad Moosa as one of the best in California.

    Dr. Moosa received the Alcon Centurion Surgeon Award for his excellent results and patient care. Dr. Moosa has trained other ophthalmic surgeons on the performance of Lasik and has held training certification on Alcon lasers.

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