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Protect What Matters Most - Home Security System

Protect your home and loved ones with Harvey Norman Security smart home security systems. We offer a wide range of affordable and flexible options to provide your home the security it deserves. Handy DIY or fully installed home security system can be tailored to your individual home security needs. Call now at 1300 858 622 for 24/7 security and monitoring services.



Is Your Home a Smart Home?

Is Your Home a Smart Home?

Turn your home into a smart home and remotely control and monitor everything in your home.


Get Peace of Mind Knowing Your Loved Ones are Safe

Get Peace of Mind Knowing Your Loved Ones are Safe

Protect whats most important to you with our home security systems


Protect What matters Most

Protect What matters Most

Protect what matters most with our range of security systems.


How to Choose the Right Home Security System?

How to Choose the Right Home Security System?

With increasing crime rates, home security systems have become a necessity nowadays. In the hustle and bustle of life, what everyone looks for is security and peace of mind.
While everyone’s home security needs are different, to help you make the right decision and to save you a headache and time, we’ve outlined some important home security considerations so you can develop a home security plan that suits best for your needs.

Is Your Home a Smart Home?

Your Smart Home in the Palm of Your Hands. Automate, control and protect your home with a touch of a button with Harvey Norman Security.


New Year’s Safety Resolution

New Year’s Safety Resolution

It's 2018 already! The holidays are nearly over, that we all wish would last forever and this is the time for New Year Resolutions. So what are your New Year’s Resolutions? Some people like to focus on health. Most of the gym membership signups are in January. One common thing with resolutions is improving our life making it better for future. One aspect which is often overlooked when it comes to New Year’s resolution is safety and security for you, your family and your home.


Are You Moving Into a New House?

Are You Moving Into a New House?

Moving into a new home is an exciting time for you and your family. Your mind is totally occupied with the list of ‘to do’ things. From what kind of furniture will I need to where I put up all the things in a new house.
To help you with your moving process, we have outlined some security tips to keep you, your family and your possessions safe.

Things Burglars Look For When Targeting Homes

Coming home to find that your home has been burgled is no less than a nightmare. No one would like to experience this. Not only your physical possessions are lost, it also takes away your peace of mind.

Here are some potential security flaws that burglars look out for when targeting homes

Empty Houses – Empty houses makes an easy target for the burglars. Not all the burglaries take place at night when everyone is sound asleep. This is a common misconception. Burglars fear to be caught and robbing a house when someone is in increases the chances of getting caught so they always target the empty houses.

If you are going for a vacation, ensure someone is looking after your home. Setting up a CCTV system is the best way to tighten the security of your home.

Open Windows/Doors - Windows and Doors are the first entry points burglars look for to get into your home. Locking the doors might seem the obvious thing to do while leaving house but many people just forget to lock their doors and windows and burglars know how to take advantage of this.

Make sure you always lock your windows/doors and back doors while going out.

Garage Doors – Garage doors are another entry points which burglars look for. Most people believe garage door is enough to keep the burglars out. Some even just don’t bother to lock their garage doors. If your garage door have an entrance to your home, make sure you keep your garage doors locked always.

Overgrown Hedges and Bushes – Potential burglars love seeing the thick bushes, trees or hedges covering your house perimeter as it provides the perfect hiding spot. Make sure to trim the overgrown hedges and bushes time to time and also make sure there are no gardening or home maintenance tools lying around as they can become their tool to access your home.

Mail Piling Up – An Overflowing mailbox and pile of newspapers outside a house is the clear sign of an empty house. If you are going out on a holiday make sure you ask someone to collect your mail and newspaper and also leave a few lights on.

Security System - Home Security Systems are a great way to keep the burglars at the bay. That is the first thing burglars look for when targeting homes. Having a security sign outside your home will also help you keep the potential deterrents away. While Alarm signals are huge deterrents. Hearing an alarm would be enough for the burglars to leave a home immediately.

While most of the burglaries are opportunity based, if you follow the tips on this list, you will be well on your way to having a safer home.

Call 1300 858 622 or visit for all your security needs.

Personal Alarms

Australia’s ageing population is continuously growing and is projected to be double in few years. 1 in 7 people are aged 65 or over. According to a report, in 2016, 15% of the Australians were aged 65 or over and Continues to grow.

Caring for the elderly presents difficult challenges for fear of loss of independence by the elderly person and fear by loved ones for their safety during their lifetime. Knowing our loved one is safe and secure provides great peace of mind to the family and carers.

Harvey Norman Security’s “Medi-Link” is the perfect solution for any person living alone maintaining independence, providing an independent lifestyle life and in the mean time keeping them in the comfort of their own home.

*What is Medi-Link?

Medi-Link is an easy plug and play emergency alarm system that can be worn around the neck as a pendant or wrist as a band. It is very light weight and water resistant and works anywhere around your home and garden.

Having a fall or injury is frightening and can sometimes make it difficult to get to the phone to call for help. A personal alarm gives you access to emergency help 24/7 providing you safety and peace of mind knowing someone is there for your help any time of the day or night.

When things go wrong, simply pressing the panic button can summon help. A signal will be sent to our response centres as you press the panic button. Activating your personal alarm, we will respond to you through the hands free unit or notify any of your nominated contacts such as family, friends and neighbours. From there, an ambulance call out can be arranged to help ensure you receive the help and care needed.

*Benefits of Personal Alarms: *

*Easy to Use: *

Medi-Link, fully designed and made in Australia is an easy plug and play wireless solution requiring minimal setup and is delivered at your doorstep. It comes with easy how to connect instructions you can install it yourself.

*24/7 Support: *

Our highly trained operators will be there to provide you any help or support 24x7 through our A1 graded Monitoring centre.

*Dedicated Staff: *

If you experience any emergency in or around your home, you can call for help by pressing the button on your Medi-Link unit for 2 seconds and our dedicated operators will try to make contact via the hands free Medi-Link unit. If contact can’t be made, we will notify any of your nominated contacts such as family, friends or neighbours and ambulance service will be arranged if required.

*Useful for Emergency *

If you are in need and can’t reach phone, then Medi-Link is your perfect solution. By simply pressing a button will summon the help.

To order your personal alarm for elderly visit our website or call 1300 858 622 now!