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Reading and Writing Resources

Digital resources (web tools, apps) for reading and writing in French & English

App Store - Horton Hears a Who! - Dr. Seuss

Text Leveling Code 1145
Grade 3.9

App Store - The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss

The classic book, The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss in the App Store. Oceanhouse Media is the place to go for quality book apps. They have turned almost all the DR. Seuss books as well as Mercer Mayer into book apps that have sound and narration. Touch any of the pictures and get an audio label.

App Store - PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Get PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbit on the App Store. A fun pop up book!

Weird But True

Filled with wacky facts and tantalizing trivia that will engage curious kids and parents alike, Weird But True presents each of the 300 facts in a fun, colorful, and interactive format that will keep kids entertained—and learning—for hours! And parents can rest easy knowing that each fact is age-appropriate and handpicked by a brand they know and trust: National Geographic Kids.

3D Classic Literature Collection

Each book is recreated in full 3D and can be taken from the shelf and opened to any page. Immerse yourself in the romance of reading with the sound of the leather-bound book covers creaking and the swiping sounds of the pages turning.

Owney the Dog

Owney was a scruffy mutt who became a regular fixture at the Albany, New York, post office in 1888. Owney loved the mail! Owney began to ride with the bags on Railway Post Office (RPO) train cars across the state . . . and then the country! In 1895 Owney even made an around-the-world trip. Owney has been preserved and is on display at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum in Washington, DC.

Bartleby's Book of Buttons Vol. 1: The Far Away Island

Help Bartleby in his journey to find new buttons for his collection! Flip switches, press buttons, slide sliders, rotate the ipad, turn in a circle, and carefully read along in this "digital pop-up book" adventure. Designed for parent-led reading for the young child and as a stand-alone story for the older child. This book is a short bed-time story that engages the child in following instructions through reinforced interaction and tactile response - just like a pop-up book!

Books HD- 23,469 classics to go

Books by Classicly unlocks a world of public domain content, allowing you to acquire the great books of human history. Letters of leaders, the collected works of geniuses, the finest Victorian novels, the plays of Shakespeare, the philosophy of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, the autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie. It's all here, along with tens of thousands of other books.

Audiobooks HD- 4,727 audiobooks to go

The plays of Shakespeare, the letters of leaders, the autobiographies of Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt, the collected works of geniuses, the philosophy of Seneca and Plato. It's all here, along with thousands and thousands of other audiobooks.

Kobo - 1 million FREE Books

Download our FREE app and start reading millions of free and affordable eBooks from the palm of your hand. Read everything from the hottest new releases to popular classics, plus stay on top of current news and trends with newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

Wattpad Free ebooks

Wattpad is the best place to discover and share stories. With UNLIMITED STORIES, whether you like fantasy, romance, historical fiction, mystery, teen or fan fiction you will always find something fun to read and be connected directly with other readers and writers!


Listening to audio books is great for young readers, struggling readers and readers of all ages. Studies show that students can attain significantly higher reading achievement by adding a listening component to methods used for teaching reading. Specifically, listening is an effective and natural way to increase a child's vocabulary (i.e. oral language precedes written language), which provides a basis and context for comprehension. Alongside decoding, comprehension is critical to becoming a skilled reader. And, oh yeah, kids love listening to stories.

Experience Real Horror With iPoe, Now Free In Honor Of Edgar Allan Poe -- AppAdvice

If its genuine Halloween fright youre after, then you can do far worse than reading iPoe, which is free for a limited time.

8 Awesome Apps for Teaching Reading

These 8 awesome educational apps are designed to make teaching reading a little easier. Teaching kids to read is a big job. Not only does it take a lot of time and patience, it also takes a lot of resources.

Brush of Truth: Book App Offers Free Common Core-aligned Lesson Plans

Brush of Truth, a book app for kids 8-12 recognized for its appeal to reluctant readers, is now offering free lesson plans that are aligned with Common Core State Standards. Curriculum can be downloaded from the app website,

Same Meaning Magic (Synonyms) By NRCC Games

Same Meaning Magic V1.4Help Luna and Leo, young magicians at Magic School, as they visit the wishing well in the castle garden. Toss word stones into the wishing well to earn gold coins and jewels by choosing the best synonym. Begin your adventure choosing to play as either Luna or Leo, beginning to master the magic of words. In this lesson, Luna and Leo must correctly identify the synonym which best completes the puzzle sentence.Earn a gold coin when you drag the correct word stone into the wishing well. See the wishing well spew green smoke when you drag an incorrect word stone. A fairy appears with a bonus jewel when you get 5 correct synonyms in a row. An earthquake rumbles when you get 3 incorrect, and an imp appears when you get 5 incorrect synonyms in a row.Version EnhancementsV1.0 - Original versionV1.1 - International monetary units for worldwide currencyV1.2 - Added untimed in addition to timed game playV1.3 - Incorporated scores for Apple's Games CenterV1.4 - Changed grade levels to easy - hard type levels - Fixed splash screen to support newest iOS - Fixed connection to Game CenterPlay more NRCC GamesLuna & Leo Series1)Same Sound Spellbound (homophones / homonyms)2)Opposite Ocean (antonyms)3)Grammar Dragon (parts of speech)Math Series1) Portion Platter (fractions and decimals)2) Factor Race (factor Algebra equations)Reading Series1) Spelling Cat (spelling)2) Aesop's Quest (reading comprehension)Website: for more information on our gamesContact: ceaton@nr.eduFOR TEACHERS AND PARENTSSame Meaning Magic is an adventure game designed to help children and students understand synonyms. This educational game uses touch-and-drag mechanics to engage children in a learning process regarding synonyms. The game incorporates learning synonyms attuned to the particular grade level, based upon excerpts from grade-appropriate reading materials.The recommended graded levels are as follows:2nd grade: Very Easy 3rd grade: Easy 4th grade: Medium5th grade: Hard6th grade: Very HardAll components of the game are developed in-house. The Virginia Standards of Learning targeted are for:ORAL LANGUAGE2.2 d) Identify and use synonyms and antonyms.READING2.7 c) Use knowledge of antonyms and synonyms.3.4b) Use knowledge of roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms.c) Apply meaning clues, language structure, and phonetic strategies.4.4 b) Use knowledge of roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms and homophones.4.8 g) Use correct spelling for frequently used words, including common homophones.5.4a) Use context to clarify meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases.b) Use context and sentence structure to determine meanings and differentiate among multiple meanings of words.c) Use knowledge of roots, affixes, synonyms, antonyms and homophones.f) Develop vocabulary by listening and reading a variety of texts.6.4b) Use context and sentence structure to determine meanings and differentiate among multiple meanings of words.f) Extend general and specialized vocabulary through speaking, listening, reading, and writing.CREDITSThis game is made possible with an Enhancing Education Through Technology competitive grant from the Virginia Department of Education.New River Community College (NRCC) is a comprehensive community college located in the New River Valley of Virginia. NRCC is part of the Virginia Community College System consisting of 23 colleges located on 40 statewide campuses. At NRCC you can prepare for the future with any of our various occupational programs or college transfer courses. See more information about our Game Design and Information Technology degrees at

iF Poems – The First Great Poetry App for the iPad I’ve Seen | iPad Insight

iF Poems is new poetry app for the iPad, described as ‘a poetry app for school-age children and for adults of any age’. It’s the first great poetry app

Study French Vocabulary with Noyo French Language App

Noyo, a Boston based educational software company, is excited to announce the availability of its iPad French learning app, designed to teach French vocabulary to novice students ages four and up.

8 Great Apps for Teaching Literature

Teaching literature involves having great texts on hand at every moment. You also want to make those texts more accessible to students and teach them how to analyze, evaluate and simply understand them.

Top 8 Apps for Teaching Creative Writing

Teaching creative writing can be a lot fun, especially when it comes to reading the creative pieces your students write. However, getting them to come up with ideas for those pieces is often difficult. The top 8 apps for teaching creative writing give you multiple resources to help spark your students’ creativity.

Grammar Wonderland - A Fun Grammar Game for Your Students' iPads

Grammar Wonderland is a pair of iPad apps from McGraw Hill. The apps are designed to help children learn to recognize nouns, proper nouns, verbs, verb agreement, adjectives, and other parts of speech. Two versions of the app are available. Grammar Wonderland Primary is designed for K-2 students.

The Poetry App - Discover Famous Poems and Poets

The Josephine Hart Poetry App is a free iPad app that students can use to discover and read works of sixteen famous poets including Yeats, Byron, and Frost. Students can browse through the app to find a poet.

Thesaurus Rex for iPad

Becoming a master in the art of writing takes time and effort. People who write for a living have to study their language and have a deep understanding for