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Are you a pharmacist or a pharmacy owner looking for legal assistance? Whether you need help buying/selling a pharmacy, drafting/reviewing a partnership or lease agreement, or just incorporating your business, MKLAW is here to help you. Our team of Harvard-certified negotiators will make sure you close the very best deal when buying and/or selling a pharmacy.

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Visit our office at The Deloitte Building, 400 Applewood Crescent, Suite 100, Vaughan, Ontario or call 416-512-7400 for Law Services for Pharmacists.

6 Reasons Why You Will Need a Pharmacy Lawyer

Law and Pharmacy are two different fields. One rests usually in court, while the other revolves around medicines. But as the world grew more complexed and interlinked, these two fields intertwined and gave birth to several changes.

6 Things to Have Before Venturing into a Pharmaceutical Business

Starting a pharmacy is a viable choice. Medicines, vitamins, and supplements are constant needs in the modern world. Right now, everybody is in a race to become the healthiest. So long as the pharmacy is well managed and reliable partners are teamed up with, you can become successful in no time.

Reasons Why Pharmacists Should Know About the Law

The legal specialization in pharmacy law has become in demand as it helps the pharmacists stay grounded in their field and it keeps them coherent with the law they have to abide in.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Buy and Sell Pharmacies

You need to have a good strategic plan before you even make the first move because with one wrong step, everything can go downhill.

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Entering into a Partnership Agreement

A partnership is a kind of business arrangement wherein two or more people are owners of one business. It is akin to marriage.

Two Is Better than One: 5 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Dual Wills

It is an estate planning tool available to all business owners in order to transfer the value of their shares to their beneficiaries

What Does A Pharmacy Lawyer Do? Part 1 - Hire A Pharmacy Attorney In Ontario | MKLAW

If you own a pharmacy in Ontario, you are likely familiar with current laws surrounding pharmacy incorporations, partnership agreements, and other complicated aspects of the business. Click to learn about the services our pharmacy lawyers provide, and contact MKLAW in Ontario to see how we can help!

What Does A Pharmacy Lawyer Do? Part 2 - Consult A Pharmacy Attorney In Ontario | MKLAW

There are many reasons to hire a pharmacy lawyer, whether you are buying, selling, or incorporating a pharmacy. As it turns out, pharmacy attorneys provide a number of other services, from drafting corporate leases to setting up dual wills. Click to learn more, and contact MKLAW in Ontario for legal help regarding your pharmacy!

To Incorporate Or Not? 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider It

Are you thinking about incorporating your pharmacy? If you want it done right, you can rely on MKLAW to provide the legal assistance that you need.

Expert Advice:5 Tips for Buying Your First Pharmacy - MKLAW

Are you ready to buy your first pharmacy? Everything may seem overwhelming; after all, it is a fairly big investment and a responsibility. However, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed! As trusted Pharmacy Lawyers in Vaughan, Ontario Canada, MKLAW is ready to help you make this purchase.

The Low Down on Staff and Associate Relations - MKLAW

Your relations with your staff members and associates play a very big role in many aspects of your pharmacy business. They can affect how you buy a pharmacy, how you sell a pharmacy, and even how you run a pharmacy.

Buying And Selling - Pharmacies For Sale In Ontario | MKLAW

At MKLAW in Ontario, Harvard-certified negotiators understand how challenging it can be to buy or sell a pharmacy, and we're here to help. If you see a pharmacy for sale in Ontario and are considering making an offer, or are selling a pharmacy of your own, give us a call! We would be happy to walk you through the process and draft your paperwork.

Incorporations - Let Our Pharmacy Lawyers Incorporate Your Pharmacy In Ontario | MKLAW

If you own a pharmacy in Ontario and need to incorporate it, you've come to the right place. Our pharmacy lawyers provide exceptional pharmacy incorporation services help to pharmacy owners obtain a Certificate of Accreditation from the Ontario College of Pharmacists, and we can help you, too. Give MKLAW a call today and let's get started!

Partnership Agreements - Our Ontario Pharmacy Lawyers Help Form Business Partnerships | MKLAW

Every business partnership requires a solid partnership agreement that includes the name of each partner, their duties and limitations, a dispute resolution plan, profit share contracts, and more. At MKLAW in Ontario, our seasoned pharmacy lawyers can help you form a partnership agreement that includes all the necessary components. Call us today!

Staff/Associate Relations - Our Ontario Pharmacy Lawyers Facilitate Staff/Associate Relations | MKLAW

At MKLAW in Ontario, our experienced pharmacy lawyers know how important it is for pharmacy owners to form good relationships with their pharmacists and independent contractors.

Leases - Have Our Ontario Pharmacy Lawyers Review Your Commercial Lease | MKLAW

Often, commercial leases do not contain all the required clauses to protect your pharmacy in the event of early lease termination, forced relocation, and other sudden changes that greatly affect business operation. If you'd like to have your lease professionally drafted or reviewed by an experienced pharmacy lawyer, call MKLAW in Ontario today!

Wills/POAs - Our Ontario Pharmacy Lawyers Help With Corporate Wills And POAs | MKLAW

Dual wills are an important component of any pharmacy, especially when it comes to deciding how your property will one day be divided. If you own a pharmacy in Ontario and are in need of a dual will or power of attorney, contact our pharmacy lawyers at MKLAW and ask about our flat fee!

Flat Rate Fees for Pharmacy Lawyers | Vaughan, Ontario Canada | MKLAW

Call 416-512-7400 to schedule an appointment with MKLAW - Legal Services for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners in Ontario Canada.

News And Events - Stay In The Know About Our Ontario Pharmacy Law Firm | MKLAW

At MKLAW, we take pride in providing Ontario pharmacists and pharmacy owners with exceptional pharmacy law help and advice. From facilitating the buying and selling process to helping with pharmacy incorporation and drafting partnership agreements and leases, our pharmacy lawyers do it all. Read about it here and attend one of our upcoming events!

Contact Us - Get In Touch With A Pharmacy Lawyer In Ontario | MKLAW

If you're a pharmacist or pharmacy owner in Ontario and have found yourself in a legal predicament? At MKLAW, our lawyers specialize in pharmacy law and provide exceptional legal services, including facilitation of pharmacy incorporation, partnership agreements, staff/associate relations, dual wills, corporate leases, and more. Contact us today!

About Us - Meet Our Pharmacy Lawyers In Ontario | MKLAW

As Ontario's premiere pharmacy law firm, MKLAW has been serving pharmacists and pharmacy owners with exceptional legal help and advice for years. We do everything from helping pharmacies form business partnerships and facilitating pharmacy incorporation to assisting with the process of buying or selling a pharmacy in Canada. Contact us today!

MKLAW – Legal Services for Healthcare Companies - Vaughan, Ontario - Canada

Are you a pharmacist or pharmacy owner in need of legal assistance from a pharmacy lawyer? Whether you need help selling or buying a pharmacy for sale, drafting or reviewing a business partnership or commercial lease agreement, or are considering pharmacy incorporation, MKLAW is here to help you. Our team of Harvard-certified negotiators will make sure you close the very best deal when buying and/or selling a pharmacy, so reach out to us if you see a pharmacy for sale in Ontario and want to make an offer or want to sell your current pharmacy.

Pharmacist Lawyer Consultation | MKLAW | Vaughan, Ontario Canada

Call 416-512-7400 to schedule an appointment with MKLAW - Legal Services for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Owners in Ontario Canada. For a face-to-face discussion of your legal needs, MKLAW encourages you to set a consultation schedule now.

Buying and Selling Pharmacies: The Basics

When you are interested in buying a pharmacy or selling the one you already had, there are many things that you would want to keep in mind. This is different from other businesses, because a pharmacy provides and market the products which can affect the health of your customers by selling medicines, supplements, and vitamins.