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Updated by Hamilton Byrd on Dec 12, 2019
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DJ's in Brooklyn, NY

Music is an undying entertainment that every person of all ages will definitely enjoy. DJ Byrd Productions uses only high-quality equipment such as Cerwin-vega, JBL, Pioneer, Crown, EV, Serato, and Rane. All are top of the line in sound. Also, everything is backed up so your special event will go flawlessly.

New York Light Show | Monogram Lighting Brooklyn, NY

DJ Byrd Productions' got the full package. DJ & MC services, photo booth, karaoke, slide shows, and New York Light Show. Contact us for more info now!

Taking pictures is one of the best ways to capture a moment. Nowadays photo booths have started popping up everywhere and anywhere. Regardless of the occasion, people want to remember their fun-filled day especially if it is a wedding reception, Bar Mitzvah, or corporate event, among others. It can also provide your event with an experience that is unlike taking pictures through a Smartphone or with a photographer. If you are considering photo booth rental in Brooklyn, NY for your next party, then DJ Byrd Productions is the place for you. Read More: DJ Byrd Productions Brings Your Photos to Life!

Personality Traits of a Reputable DJ

If you want to create a memorable occasion, then you will need to hire reputable DJ services in Brooklyn, NY. Your DJ or MC has more responsibilities than you probably think which includes knowing their duties and delivering your every request. As a result, hiring a reputable one will give you peace of mind about the little things that can end up making a difference. Read more:

Play Your Favorite Karaoke Tracks in Brooklyn, NY

If you are interested in karaoke party, DJ Byrd Productions also provide affordable and quality karaoke services. We have over twenty thousand songs on the list for all ages! Choose from our excellent selection of karaoke tracks in Brooklyn, NY to light up the night.

When it comes to DJ services around Brooklyn, NY, there is no doubt that DJ Byrd Productions is at the top of the A-list. Why is that? Well, no other DJ is as mobile and flexible as DJ Byrd. He has years of experience under his belt to be called one of Brooklyn’s absolute finest DJs. He will make heads turn, hips shake and heads nod as he plays those bomb beats that no other DJ in their area has ever mixed. Read more:

DJ Package Brooklyn, NY | DJ Services

A party is not complete without a DJ to heat up the dance floor. If you are searching for an experienced and skilled DJ and event producer for your wedding reception party, birthday party, or any other celebrations, DJ Byrd is the perfect person to call. DJ Byrd Productions offers the complete DJ package in Brooklyn, NY, covering all your audio, visual and other multimedia needs. Get in touch now and let us know how we can bring your party to a whole other level!

What to Tell Your Wedding DJ before the Big Day

Hiring DJ services in Brooklyn, NY for your wedding can truly make or break your big day; however, you have to remember that it takes two to tango. It is up to you to clearly communicate your wishes and give certain instruction regarding the wedding ceremony. Do not just play it by ear, otherwise, it may not turn out well. The choice of music you have can make a dramatic difference, so be sure to be in accordance with the professionals to make it a day to remember! Read more:

Make Your Brooklyn Event Even More Memorable! With Our Smoke Machines that No Other Service Provider Can Give!

So you have an event going on and it’s quite rocking. People are having fun, the music is good, and the food is awesome — clearly, nothing else can make it even better, or is there? DJ Byrd Productions has the right tools and equipment to make your ideal event more so. How about a smoke machine to keep the floor discreetly low key while giving an added appeal to the whole experience itself. DJ Byrd Productions will add a little more flare so you can say that the party, wedding, corporate event, recognition rights (or whatever it is you have going) went from here — to HERE.

If you’re in need of DJ services in Brooklyn, NY, DJ Byrd of DJ Byrd Productions offers one-of-a-kind packages. See, music is a divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the hearts and souls of people. Through a harmonious combination of rhythm and poetry, it gives everyone a moment of clarity. Every person, regardless of age, will definitely enjoy music as it is a staple that makes an event memorable for hosts and guests alike. So, if you want to feature music that will match the overall vibe of your occasion, the best option would be to hire him because he is considered as one of the top DJs in the metro area, generating energy and excitement whenever he plays. Read more:

Wedding Photo Booth Theme Ideas

Weddings are special days filled with beautiful memories for the couple as well as for the guests who are there to celebrate. And what better way than to break the ice and savor the moment than in a photo booth? For this reason, many people have opted for photo booth rental in Brooklyn, NY. With its rising popularity, the trend does not seem like it is going away any time soon. While anyone can take pictures on their high-quality phones, people still love taking goofy pictures with silly props and a fun backdrop. Read more:

A Party DJ that Brings Brooklyn to Its Knees!

Get that event rockin’ by hiring an exceptional party DJ for your personal Brooklyn (or some would call it — Crooklyn!) slam fest! Since fun parties are never complete without an amazing DJ to set the mood, hire one, move to the beat, and dance the night away! If you’re looking for the best, DJ Byrd Productions’ got just who you’re looking for.

From Monogram Lighting to Laser Light Shows, We at DJ Byrd Productions Provides for Your Brooklyn, NY Event

DJ Productions specializes in monogram lighting effects in order to bring awesome laser light shows to your party in Brooklyn, NY. Contact us today!