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News on Fashion, Beauty and more

This list cover news about fashion, jewelry, beauty and more. The reader can get very helpful info on about latest trends.

All about Mozambique garnet Gemstone - Meaning and Properties

Get all the information you need to purchase Mozambique garnet gemstones. This guide helps increase your knowledge of Mozambique garnet stone and understand what to look for when buying Mozambique garnet jewelry. Details such as color, weight, and hardness are comprehensively covered. Become an expert of Mozambique garnet gemstone jewelry with this guide.

Is Mint Garnet Rare?

Mint garnet is relatively rare as it's difficult to find large specimens of rough. The extraction of this stone from the earth is also complicated, adding to its rarity. Knowing its rarity, discover all the details of this gem. Shop LC's Education Center is a great platform for learning. As you run through these details, make sure to have a look at the use of this gemstone in jewelry. This gem looks fabulous in every style from bracelets to rings, earrings to necklaces. Visit now and explore!

7 Amazing Garnet & Amethyst Rings to for Your Special Moments

7 Amazing Garnet & Amethyst Rings to for Your Special MomentsAre you born in January or February? Are you searching for something special? No problem! The online marketplace is filled with fantastic gifts, including a great selection of rings pairing garnet and amethyst, the January birthstone and February birthstone.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Precious amethyst is the purple member of the quartz family, forming inside volcanic rock geodes. Its romantic hue makes it the perfect birthstone for February, especially since Valentine's Day is around the corner.

Here at the Shop LC, we carry several different varieties of amethyst gemstones, and if you join us all-day today, you'll be able to get your hands on this lovely gem at a great price during Amethyst Day! Until then, here are some of our favorite amethyst varieties that you've seen on the Shop LC.

Find Stunning African Amethyst Jewelry at Shop LC

Are you searching for beautiful African amethyst jewelry? If yes, then Shop LC is the right place for you. Check out the brilliant assortment of African amethyst jewelry that is sure to bring a twinkle in your eyes. Whether you need a dazzling ring, playful earrings, stunning bracelet or sparkling necklace, you’ll find everything to match your style. Available in gold, silver and stainless steel, the fabulous African amethyst jewelry will embellish your memories for a lifetime. So, browse Shop LC website and discover the right jewelry piece for you, backed with the Lowest Price Guarantee.

Feel Fashionable with Brazilian Amethyst Jewelry from Shop LC

Look stylish and feel fashionable with Brazilian amethyst jewelry from Shop LC. Dazzling amethyst jewelry is designed to capture the attention for you. So, if you are looking for a regal appeal, Shop LC's Brazilian amethyst jewelry is perfect for you. Browse and find your favorite piece from the vast selection of jewelry pieces in gold, silver and stainless steel. No matter if you want to buy Brazilian amethyst ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace or pendant, Shop LC has everything to match your beautiful looks.

Amethyst: Complementing your style with class and glamour

Accentuate your style with versatile and gorgeous amethyst jewelry. This jewelry offers an alluring appeal that's bound to charm while providing a show-stopping look. The gem's beauty creates a captivating aura while its freshness wins hearts. Enjoy a fresh approach to styling with this lovely stone, complementing both formal and casual outfits. Brilliant from every angle, this beauty sets you apart from the crowd. Make your favorite jewelry piece with this striking gemstone for lasting appeal.

Boost Your Jewelry Collection with Garnet Butterfly Ring

Garnet butterfly rings enrich your jewelry collection. Available in a variety of attractive designs, these pieces add variety to your ensembles and give it a funky makeover. Perfect for daily wear, it's going to become your new favorite jewelry piece for casual or formal occasions.

12 Cheap Rings For Women That Are Rich In Style

The epitome of sophistication and grace, cheap rings for women are a beautiful selection to break the mold. These rings are designed with a brimming brilliance that's wearable day or night. Filled with a genuine gemstone color palette, these beautiful pieces are simply affordable at under $10!

Aquamarine - Subtle hues and hypnotic sparkle

Blessed with unmistakable magnetism, aquamarine is one of the most popular members of the beryl family. Flaunting hues ranging from icy blues to prominent sea greens, the gem is also the March birthstone. Explore an astounding collection of earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants with Shop LC.

Make a Grand Entry in Any Event with Heart Shaped ring

Eye-catching and elegant heart shaped rings are the right accessories that can add color and drama to your ensemble on any particular day. These bright and cute head-turner rings will take your look notches higher and can easily revamp your look to Diva.

Varieties of Amethyst rings

Amethyst comes mainly in four varieties depending on color and quality. African, Brazilian, Uruguayan and Rose De France amethyst. Find out which one fancies you most and learn more about the versatility and meaning of this coveted gem.

Choose a Perfect Gift for Her from the Best Mother's Day Rings!

Nothing is comparable to a mother's love. So, this year impress your mom to an exceptional surprise with one of the unique ring ideas from our Mother's Day Rings Gift Guide. As you are celebrating one of the most important person of your life, make sure you bring the best ring for her on this special occasion.

The 5 Best Emerald Rings Under $50 for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away. If you haven't found a gift for mom yet, an emerald ring makes a perfect present. This blog uncovers the five best rings that you'll want to consider for mom. These unique rings convey a unique message and are an affordable choice. Read on the blog to find fabulous ring designs under $50!

Gift options for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day pamper your mom by adding fashionable and captivating jewels and accessories to her wardrobe. And what better accessory than handbags. Available in a variety of styles and colors, there is a handbag for every occasion.

Where is Mother's Day jewelry sale?

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we can find sales everywhere and on a long list of items. There are several ecommerce websites that bring great sales and discounts on jewelry items. Shop LC is one of the best platforms to check for some great deals on Mother's Day jewelry sales. This blog will help you get a glimpse of the great pieces of jewelry they have to offer this Mother's Day.

Memorial Day Sales - Indulge with Memorial Day Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

This year, Memorial Day falls on May 28, 2018. This day is always observed on the last Monday of May. The fashion world offers you stylish ways to look trendy while celebrating your patriotism. Right from fashion apparel printed with the American flag to accessories and jewelry with the red-blue-white theme keeps you looking your best throughout summer.

Enhance Your Jewelry Wardrobe with Summer Birthstone Jewelry

Beautiful summer birthstone jewelry is an ideal choice if you want to enhance your jewelry wardrobe this summer. Do you know what the summer birthstones are and how to style with them? The sparkling richness of June and July birthstone ring, earrings, and bracelets are hard to miss. Read this blog and learn how to style yourself with beautiful birthstone jewelry and how to accessorize your outfits with designer handbags and scarves.

Interesting Facts about Your June Birthstone: Alexandrite

Do you know alexandrite is named after the Russian tsar, Alexander II? Or do you know what the meaning of alexandrite is? Do you know what makes the alexandrite rings so special? Do you know the alternative to an alexandrite gemstone? Read this blog to know the answers to all these questions and learn more interesting facts about your June birthstone.

Enjoy Shop LC's Christmas in July Sale this Summer.

Shopping is always exciting! Some people like to start their holiday shopping spree a little early. However, Shop LC gives you the chance to shop for yourself, family, friends, and loved ones ahead of the holidays with their Christmas in July sale. Summer is the best time to grab great deals on your favorite products, such as jewelry, fashion accessories and more. So, don't wait any longer! Stock your wardrobe for the upcoming months and enjoy being a style icon!

Enjoy Shop LC's Christmas in July Sale this Summer.

Shopping is always exciting! Some people like to start their holiday shopping spree a little early. However, Shop LC gives you the chance to shop for yourself, family, friends, and loved ones ahead of the holidays with their Christmas in July sale. Summer is the best time to grab great deals on your favorite products, such as jewelry, fashion accessories and more. So, don't wait any longer! Stock your wardrobe for the upcoming months and enjoy being a style icon!

Enhance Your Jewelry Collection with Tanzanite Rings

Designer tanzanite rings from Shop LC are perfect for enhancing your jewelry collection with irresistible brilliance. The cool blue sparkles radiating from tanzanite rings capture everyone’s attention. Available in a variety of settings, such as gold, silver, and stainless steel, tanzanite rings for women complements your favorite style. So, don’t wait. Browse Shop LC to find the best tanzanite rings for you and your loved ones.

How is ruby related to sapphire?

Ruby and sapphire are sister stones as they belong to the corundum mineral group. The mineral offers a wide variety of colors. Except for red, all other varieties of corundum are called sapphires. The red color of ruby is caused due to traces of chromium in the crystal.

Beaded Necklace: A Gracious Add-on to Any Simple Look

You will love the allure and appeal of a beaded necklace. This beauty will elevate you to the limelight wherever you go. It is a perfect add-on for both formal and casual attire. It is a right choice to enhance your jewelry collection. Stealing the spotlight, this accessory creates a long-lasting impact. Sophisticated and glamorous, beaded necklaces mesmerize everyone with its classy appeal.

Enhance Your Summer Outfits with Peridot Jewelry

Genuine peridot jewelry is perfect for enhancing your summer outfits with irresistible brilliance. The refreshing green sparkles radiating from peridot jewelry captures everyone’s attention. Whether you want to walk down the road or stroll through the beach, peridot jewelry is your perfect companion. Read this blog and learn how to accessorize your summer outfits with a peridot ring, earrings, bracelet and pendants.