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Container Unloading | Computer disposal | Computer Recycle

At Hoxton we also offer a warehousing service complete with container unloading in Sydney, pallet storage and logistics co-ordination. We can receive your container of goods, complete the container unpacking, re-work your product, offer pallet storage and co-ordinate distribution. At Hoxton we are creating jobs by recovering and recycling e-waste. We employ people with barriers to mainstream employment, including people with disabilities and people who have been out of the workforce for a while. Computer disposal is a popular area for our employees to work in as they learn new skills and gain job satisfaction from helping the environment.

8 Container Unloading Features to be identified in the perfect ramp

Here are the features to be identified in the perfect ramp. To be resistant to cracks and the effects of bad weather. To weigh around 25 pounds but to be able to sustain more than 750 pounds. Container Unloading services by Hoxton Industries Sydney

How Efficiently Container Unloading Service Works for you?

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E-waste is a rapidly growing problem in Australia and across the world – and computer disposal is one of the major contributors. Our consumer buying patterns are such that we are updating our electronic goods and disposing of old ones at an unprecedented rate. When we don’t manage our computer disposal and this e-waste ends up in landfill, it has serious consequences for our environment because of the toxins which can be released from these products if they are not handled correctly.

Since 2011 NSW has investigated 21 incidents in NSW involving workers unpacking shipping containers. A frightening statistic revealed 3 people that were killed in container unloading. Containers often carry sensitive expensive but most often building materials. Timber, glass, and stone are often the cause in serious incidents but not always the case. Programs, training and unloading advice is readily available but often neglected.

After a long haul across the ocean, many hours and dollars invested in to the creation and transportation of your product, you are probably looking for the best possible service for your container unloading that is both cost effective and reliable.

A third party warehousing is efficient and cost effective as companies don't need to invest on logistics and its equipment nor do they need extra staff for they same.