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The caring and professional staff members at Crown Rehab and Wellness are uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality of care to patients across the spectrum of physical and occupational therapy needs.

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Crown and Rehab Wellness is a provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation located in Brooklyn, New York. You can contact us at 718-774-6144 for our services.

Know the Importance of Geriatric Physical Therapy - Crown and Rehab Wellness

As each of us age, we experience problems with range of movement. Our bones and muscles tend to weaken; thus, limiting us from doing activities that were usually a piece of cake. Physical Therapy in Far Rockaway is highly beneficial to seniors, even if they don’t have chronic or debilitating conditions. It often eliminates the need for medication among senior suffering from problems with flexibility, movement, balance, and strength. It can help in the treatment of various conditions such as arthritis, incontinence, osteoporosis, cancer pain, and Parkinson’s.

5 Simple Exercises That Improve Your Posture

Going on your posture-correcting venture requires you to seek the exceptional Therapy Services of Crown Rehab and Wellness, a renowned provider of Physical Therapy in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Feel free to visit our page at or call 718-774-6144 for further details. We look forward to partnering with you today!

5 Helpful Ways to Deal with Back Pain

At some point in your life, you’ve probably dealt with back pain. And trust us, if you’ve tried it, you’ll know there really isn’t any kind of pain quite like it. Whether you’re standing up, sitting down, walking, or engaging in any physical activity, you won’t be spared from that sometimes searing pain just below, or even all over, your back.

Physical Therapy Exercises for Seniors after Hip Replacement - Crown and Rehab Wellness - Physical Therapy - Brooklyn...

It is estimated that one in three seniors ages 65 years old and above experience fall accidents, and the incidence increases with advancement in age. In fact, half of the population of seniors ages 80 years old and above have at one point succumbed to a fall accident. Some of these accidents are minor, causing only soreness and bruises on the back, arms, and legs. Some are more serious fall accidents which result fractures in the hips and even life-threatening situations where concussion happens on the head.

How To Help Correct Poor Posture In Teens

A lot of parents are concerned about the posture of their teenage children. Many of them have to remind their teenagers to stand straight or sit straight. Some even engage therapy services for their children to help correct poor posture.

Therapy Services in Crown Heights and East Brooklyn

Give us a call at 718-774-6144 or email to learn more about Physical Therapy, Geriatric Rehab or Cardiopulmonary Rehab.

3 Effective Tips for Better Posture

Posture is important for many different reasons. They ensure that our muscles are being used the way they are intended to be—it helps our bones maintain good alignment, it can reduce the wear of ligaments, and so much more. Good posture can also help avoid many forms of body pain. This is why it is so important to find ways to improve and maintain excellent posture. Fortunately, there are many options available to you.

Finding the Motivation to Get Back on Your Feet

Getting your life back on track after a serious injury can feel like an impossible task. Going from the prime of your life and into becoming severely weakened and bed-bound can be emotional and traumatic. However, you are not alone and there are many ways to ensure that you can get back on your feet and back to doing the things you love. You will need to start finding the motivation and will.

Improve Your Knee Strength with These Moves

Are you feeling painful sensations when you move your knees? Pains are not the problem. These are signals to the real problem. When your knee is in pain, you have to remember that this is not the normal situation. Either you go to your doctor for a checkup, or schedule for a physical therapy in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, the important matter is that you’re able to determine what’s wrong with your knees and find the right cure.

5 Tips: Relieving Ankle Pain

Painful episodes in your ankle can be caused by many factors, the most common of which are injuries and diseases. Painful ankles can also be relieved depending on the severity. The lesser severe ones can be pain-free in 24 hours while the severe ones require therapy services or surgical procedures.

5 Ways Physical Therapy Benefits a Senior Loved One

Does your elderly family member have problems with mobility? Crown Rehab and Wellness has a geriatric program specifically designed for your senior loved one. Through therapy, a senior parent or grandparent will not only be able to avoid an invasive procedure, but you will be able to better save your finances too.

5 Ways to Get Relief from Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common occurrence for many people. It can affect anyone, from a child to an older adult. It can affect any part including the muscle, tendon, nerve, ligament, or cartilage. Severe shoulder pain that hinders you from doing your daily routine and activities may require the need for physical therapy in Crown Heights.

Why You Need to Monitor Your Child’s Posture

If you often see your child slouching, know that this is not a good habit. Maintaining a good body position is not just for looks. It also entails a lot of physical and health advantages for your child. Even when a bad posture can be treated through physical therapy in Crown Heights, children still tend to slouch every so often.

How Teens Can Correct Bad Posture

In certain contexts, parents tell their teens to “stand up straight” or “sit properly”. These constant reminders can help your teenage son or daughter in the long run. Poor posture is not only bad to look at, but it can also be detrimental to one’s health, causing abnormal bone growth or muscle strain. While nobody should be bullied for any reason, bad posture may attract insensitive comments from others which may take a toll on your child’s confidence.

Causes of Sports Injuries: Trauma and Muscle Overuse

Sports is a form of physical activity that involves multiple muscular functions. When someone overuses their strength, injuries usually occur. Overtime, this leads to minor trauma in the ligaments, bones, and tendons. Therapy services are the most common form of intervention for sports injuries.

Effective Ways to Improve Your Posture

Good posture has a lot of benefits; it helps people look good since a person who observes proper posture can appear confident. It is also beneficial for bone, ligament, muscle, and joint health since a person's weight can be evenly distributed throughout the body, minimizing the likelihood of injury and muscular and joint pain. As a company that offers physical therapy in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, we are aware of the negative effects of improper posture.

Physical Activities for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Rheumatoid arthritis or RA is a disorder that is common among the elderly but can happen to anyone at any age. Its most common symptoms are swelling, pain, and stiffness in joints. Due to the searing pain, individuals who are suffering from this disorder may not want to move the affected area. However, doing so may cause more damage and aggravate its symptoms. In fact, having a balanced diet and observing regular exercise are keys to help manage rheumatoid arthritis.