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Music on Audioboo - a festival during October 2012

This is list of audios - podcasts - made specially for a sort of festival of music on Audioboo.
Anyone can add an "audioboo" to the list.
People can vote for music they love & dislike... You can share this List via Twitter & Facebook. You can even embed the List in a blogpost...

Let's make October Music Boo month

Audioboo by omaniblog on 23 September... There were many positive comments by @macolgan @documentally @markrock @solosair @mcfontaine @sm2n @slandi @maryjanebrown

Music on Audioboo - a roadmap for October "Festival"

All through the month of October 2012 - "Music" will be a theme here on Audioboo. There been great enthusiasm for the prospect.

To help us connect with each other under the banner of "Music"- #octaver is the hashtag (courtesy of Slandi).

Here is a suggested structure of topics for each day:

Day 1: "Music I like now..."
Day 2: "The earliest music I remember liking ..."
Day 3: "Music with a story..."
Day 4: "Musicians I've known or loved..."
Day 5: "Music that reminds me of a place..."
Day 6: "Music to go with go with food..."
Day 7: "Music I hope to love..."

It be great if someone else would suggest topics for Days 8-14 please.

Audioboo / Octaver -Day 1. "Music was my first love "

An Audioboo by macolgan - following the musical theme that is Octaver.

Let's make October Music Month on Audioboo - next step

Recorded by omaniblog on 25 September...
Be sure to open the link to see a comment from Slandi containing an audio by him...

Let's make October Music month on Audioboo (Monday morning shower)

By omaniblog on 24 September...
Suggesting a way forward that works from the bottom up & doesn't depend on staff from @audioboo changing their plans

In honour of Music

Why we'll have a great October
month of music on Audioboo

A recording by omaniblog on 28 September...

Inside View from Ireland: Octaver on Audioboo

I PLAN TO SHARE tracks from the sound track of my life on Audioboo during the month of October.

Audioboo / #Octaver day 2: 'Music That I First Loved'

#Octaver day 2 with Jonathan Sawyer

Audioboo / #Octaver Day 2: "The earliest music I remember....

#octaver by Fireman Rich

Artist: Elvis Presley, JXL, Billy Strange, Scott Davis, Billy Strange, Scott Davis

Buy "A Little Less Conversation" on:


Audioboo / #octaver Song I First Remember by @topgold

The year was 1965 and the song I first remember--from the radio--was sung by The Beach Boys.

Audioboo / Octaver - Day 1

A bit of a rushed 1st day for Octaver, but the month will get better and better.

Audioboo / Octaver - Day 2

For the 2nd day of Octaver the theme is "earliest music i liked".


#Octaver Audioboo by @cyberviking

I read Bernie Goldbach's posting on G+, followed a link to omaniblog on Audioboo. I'm picking up on the challenge to do daily Audioboos for the next few days on the topic of Music, using the tag #octaver
So, today's Audioboo is "Music I like now".


Some ideas for week 2 of #octaver on AudioBoo

Some ideas for week 2 of #octaver on AudioBoo

Hello all, I figured I would take a stab at adding some items for next week's #octaver. If there are any you feel really wouldn't work let me know and we can work them through.

Day 8: "Your favourite instrument?"
Day 9: "Your favourite concert?"
Day 10: "Your favourite musical or music-themed movie."
Day 11: "Your favourite music in the car?"
Day 12: "What instrument you played in school if any or would like to learn today?"
Day 13: "Favourite cover version of a song/musical piece?"
Day 14: "Favourite musical find CD/LP/Rarity?"

Audioboo / Octaver Ep. 1 - A Spice Rack of music

I'll have more information later this evening in the description.

I was listening again to my boo and realized that the microphone dynamics are horrible, sorry about that, I hope to do better with tomorrow's episode.


Audioboo / #Octaver ep. 2 - Musical Spidey Senses?

Here it is hot off my computer the second installment of my contribution to the #octaver #music festival on Audioboo. This one is on early #musicalinfluences #childhoodmusic

Audioboo / #octaver First Song by @willknott

An Audioboo by WillKnott

Day 1: "Music I love now" : Opera by Verdi - father & daughter

By Omaniblog...

Day One of the Music "Festival" on Audioboo which we call #Octaver.
Paul O'Mahony @omaniblog + his daughter #omanidot on the #schoolrun...

Opera is the genre... Verdi the composer... "La Traviata" the drama... The scene is Act 2.

You hear a conversation that explains all...

Day 2: First music I loved

By Omaniblog...

Day 2 of Music "festival" on Audioboo.
What's the earliest music I loved?
You hear me mention the theme music of radio shows I tuned in to as a young boy:
Jimmy Clitheroe... Dick Barton... (forgot to include "Two-way Family Favourites") and especially "The Kennedys of Castleross"...
Music featured here:
Having often spoken about my first record, this is the one that formed the starting point of my musical journey during the 1960s - the first record I ever bought... (As teenager, I went on to become a big record collector.)
Until now I thought this came from 1957... It was first released in October 1961 - 51 years ago.
The Leon Young String Chorale were the backing group in the original recording (according to Wikipedia).
Marvellous to hear this 2007 recording by the guy who composed the clarinet piece named after his daughter "Jenny".
Maybe music prolongs active life?
Recognise it?
Andy Williams, The Drifters recorded it too...
Songfacts (Anne Wade) says it was originally called "Jenny" & had a name change when it became theme music for BBC TV series "Stranger on the Shore".
First UK music to top the US charts...
Good old Bernard Stanley Bilk of Somerset England "Acker Bilk" meaning "friend" Bilk (28 January 1929 -)
His original group was the Paramount Jazz Band...
To clarify: this was the first British single to top the US Bilboard Hot 100 Singles Chart - Vera Lynn "Auf Wiedersehn Sweetheart" topped US Billboard Chart in 1952).

Day 3: Music tells a story

By Omaniblog

The theme is "Music with a Story".
This provoked me to realise that all music tells a story...
Janacek the composer - Glagolitic Mass the story

Audioboo / Octaver - Day 3

For day 3 ... Music that tells a story .....

Audioboo / Octaver - Day 4

It's day 4 so it must be "Musicians I've known or loved..."
This includeds a part of Foggy Notion by The Velvet Underground from Polydor (ASIN: B000008LZA)

Audioboo / #octaver Day 2 - My first music experiences.

A few examples of the music I first heard and appreciated, growing up as a young lad in Scotland.
Tracks are :- Jock o'Hazeldeane (instremental backing ) by a great guitarist - lesjcheetham ...

These are my mountains by Kenneth McKellar.
Medley of songs by Andy Stewart.
#october #octaver #first #music

Compiled and recorded on my Mac desktop - using Audacity @Audacity & the Vonbruno microphone app on my iphone 4s. - line in to Mac.

Audioboo / #octaver Day 3 - "Dark" music story .

As suggested for this day, a story relating to music . A very special year for me - in more ways than one.
#octaver #music #day3 #story

Compiled and recorded on my Mac desktop - using Garageband & the Vonbruno microphone app on my iphone 4s. - line in to Mac.