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At Americare Home Solutions, we provide non-medical home care with the aim to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. Caring for seniors, the disabled or the infirmed in their homes is the best way and wellness can be restored without costing as much as long-term hospitalization or institutional care.

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5 Coping Tips When Your Loved One Is Sick

When your loved one gets sick, it is easy to feel an endless stream of worry and panic coursing through your body. You want them to get better fast. You don't want to see them so ghastly pale.

5 Safety Tips to Remember For Your Senior Adult

It is imperative that senior adults are kept safe, especially when they are living in the comfort of their own home.

Fun Activities You Can Enjoy with Your Elderly Loved Ones

These are great ways to spend time with them and even help them improve their health and reduce stress.

Common Conditions That Afflict Senior Citizens and How to Prevent Them

One of the hardest parts of getting older is dealing with the many different kinds of health conditions out there.

Tips for Taking Care of an Ill Loved One

Taking care of a loved one who is sick has many challenges. Americare Home Solutions has compiled a convenient list of tips that can help you make sure your loved one is receiving the best care possible in the comfort of home. Here is what you need to do when treating sick loved ones:

Enjoying Life: Fun Activities for Seniors

Being seniors can be fairly monotonous but just because you or your loved ones are at an advanced age, it does not mean life hpas to be boring. There are many fun things you can do with your elderly loved ones. These things are not only exciting but they can also improve your loved ones’ quality of life.

Useful Tips of Good Hygiene That We Can Practice at Home

Good hygiene also means good health. Hygiene starts with ourselves. Personal hygiene is a must for everyone, especially to our sick loved ones. Sick people are not able to do proper hygiene which might lead to infections and later on complications. Assistance is required for ill people to make sure that hygiene is being practiced properly. Here are some tips that we can use to avoid infections and illnesses brought about by bad hygiene practices.

How to Make Sure That You Get the Right Home Care Provider

Considering the services of a home care provider requires a huge decision making. It requires the whole family’s consensus. We also need to consider the situation of our sick or elderly loved ones, what type of home care do they need? A lot of questions arise when we talk about home care. Adjustments have to be done at home and most importantly to the finances. Because home care nowadays is proven to be very effective, they became very costly, that’s the rule of supply and demand. So how do we really make sure that we get the right home care provider?

Get Your Elderly Loved Ones into Action: Let’s Get Physical

Daily exercise helps our body become stronger. It promotes good blood circulation and cell oxygenation. Exercise also promotes a positive and clear mind. Even our elderlies are required to exercise daily. It lessens the negative effects of natural aging. Proper exercise for our elderlies helps in avoiding critical conditions like heart diseases and bone weakness. There are exercises that are suited to our elderly loved ones’ fragile bones and muscles.

Maintaining Better Personal Hygiene with Home Care

There are simple tips on how we can maintain hygiene for our elderlies at home. Hygiene is a challenge but it is doable.

Fun Activities You Can Enjoy with a Senior Loved One

There are few things as rewarding as spending time with a senior loved one.

What Can You Do to Take Care of a Loved One with Dementia?

If you have a loved one living with this condition, they will need your help in order to continue living a full and satisfying lifestyle.

4 Fun and Exciting Activities for the Senior in the Family

Observe your elderly parents or grandparents. How do they go about their whole day? Do they perform some activities over and over again? Do they complain about being bored and lonely? Do they desire to go outdoors every once in a while? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised if your elderly loved ones express sentiments like these. When you grow older and become part of the geriatric population, your physical limitations and health conditions might hinder you from engaging in the usual recreational activities you do when you were younger.

5 Ways to Prevent Gastroesophageal Reflux Among Seniors

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a common health problem among seniors. GERD is commonly known as acid reflux that may also cause heartburn.

The Advantages of In-Home Care for Senior Citizens

At times being a senior citizen is not easy.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Youth

Most of us would go back in time if we could but growing older is a fact of life we cannot escape.

What Can You Do to Prevent Arthritis?

The older you become, the more at risk you will be for arthritis.

Living with Arthritis: Taking Control of Your Life

In your younger days, arthritis may have not been a big deal and probably only causes a minor inconvenience.

Non-Medical Home Care in Dover, Delaware

Call and talk to us about Respite Care, Personal Care or Well Being Check by calling 302-747-7424.

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